Father-Daughter Valentine’s Dance

My girls are blessed. They have a wonderful dad.

Ken and the girls

Every year, our church has a Father-Daughter Valentine’s Dance. Ken took the girls last year, and they were very excited to go again. Our lunchtime topic on the day of the dance was how they wanted their hair done. (I’m their stylist of choice.)

Valentine Dance - the girls

When it was time to go, Ken went around outside and rang the doorbell. He surprised the girls with a bouquet of roses for each of them before escorting them to the dance. (He said he nearly didn’t make it out of the grocery store because of all the ladies who worked there talking about how sweet it was that he was buying roses for a daddy-daughter dance. :))

Valentine Dance - Lindsey

Another beautiful girl. I love this smile.
Valentine Dance - Kathryn

Ken is such a good dad. Our daughters know he loves them. As I thought about this after they’d gone, I got all teary-eyed thinking about it because neither of these precious girls is his biologically, but he loves them as if they were.

They danced the night away, with Ken literally dancing every song as he took turns dancing with them both. My sources say that Ken and the girls were the stars of the dance floor — but then again, Ken and I have taught dance lessons, so he is a fabulous dancer, and we’ve already taught both girls how to swing-dance! They were the last ones on the dance floor, and when they came home, they were all tired, but I think Lindsey and Kathryn were floating on air. I didn’t think the grin would ever leave Kathryn’s face.

These are beautiful memories they are making.