Flexible Schedules and Good Weeks

This was a good week.
Sure, there were some not-great moments, but I like to remind myself that even in those frustrating moments, this home educating lifestyle is a huge blessing. This week we had laughter and silliness; sweet moments like when Lindsey gave me a bouquet of flowers just because she wanted me to know she loves me; accomplishments like Kathryn learning to do more household chores on her own; and conversations that wouldn’t happen if the girls were away at school all day. So overall, this week was good. I try to write down particularly good days or weeks, or even an exceptionally good moment — because those are the things worth remembering.

I ordered a new rolling file cabinet, and when it arrived, Kathryn opened the box, and I half-jokingly asked if she wanted to assemble it for me. She said yes, and didn’t need one bit of help from me. That’s count for some schooling, folks! Let’s see, there’s reading comprehension, a bit of mechanical engineering, and definitely some life skills! Woohoo! 😉

assembling file cabinet

Kathryn’s new daily schedule is working well for her. I’ll share more about it in another post, but I believe it’s working so well largely because she has taken ownership of it. Basically, with her input, I made up a simple check-off list of assignments that need to be done each day. If for some reason we don’t get one done on the regular day it’s assigned, she can do it the next day and just check it off then. It’s helping her stay on top of things but still gives us flexibility if something comes up one day.

Lindsey has only two more chapters of Dave Ramsey’s Personal Finance course, and she’s oh-so-glad. It’s the course she loves to hate. {Read my review if you missed it earlier this week.} We talked again this week about the fact that she’ll be the first person to graduate high school in her biological family. That’s a big deal. She’s still not sure what her post-high-school plans are, but we’ll figure it out. This morning she had to be at work (Chick-fil-a) at 5:45AM to help with a catering order; a flexible schedule for working is another great thing about homeschooling high school.

More highlights from our week, in the form of an instagram collage:
weekly happenings(clockwise from top left) Kathryn putting together a night sky constellation kit; knitting while I read aloud our Exploring Creating with Zoology lesson for the week; practicing Choi Kwang Do (and LacyDog wants to join in!); Kathryn writing a penpal letter over breakfast; flowers from Lindsey; and sleepy LacyDog snuggled in her bed on a cold morning.

No big news yet on the kids we might foster-adopt, but I did post an update yesterday of what we do know. We’re hoping for more news next week — and if all that happens, we might even meet them next weekend!

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Sarah Russell

I am so glad I found your blog. I homeschool my children, and my oldest is almost 8. I am so nervous about handling older grades. It is nice to see someone else who has a flexible schedule. I love that you are foster adopting. We are hoping to do that one day.


Glad to hear that homeschooling is working so well for the girls. Being able to coordinate work into Lindsey’s days and having her learn important finance lessons (how I wish I had known Dave Ramsey information when I was younger!) is awesome!

jonnia smith

Way to go, Kathryn, on the assembly project! I have found that to be a critical life skill!
Way to go, Lindsey, for giving the flowers to mom! Of all the things you will do in your life, nurturing relationships with people you love is most important.

Tricia @ Hodgepodge

Happy sigh. It was a good week. Yes indeed. This homeschooling lifestyle allows for us to notice more of the good, wouldn’t you say? Why, you already said that. Loved your photos and all the goodness.


A child who can assemble furniture! Now that is a plus. Thanks for sharing.

Leann @ Montessori Tidbits

That night sky constellation kit looks awesome!


I’m so glad to hear that things are continuing to progress with your adoption!! So exciting, overwhelming, scary, I’m sure you are feeling it all!

Giggly Girls

The good weeks sure help get through the rough ones.

Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle

Yay for good weeks! We had a great week, too, but I ran out of time to write a wrap-up! :-/ Ah, well. I love the flowers from Lindsey, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about Kathryn’s new schedule. Sounds something like what we do here.


Great assembly job Kathryn! It is an exciting thing to think you are the first to do something. I was the first person in my family to graduate college.

So glad you are all doing well.