Gratitude and a TV interview

I was going to post yesterday, but I was busy filming a television interview. I had to type that sentence because it sounds vastly impressive and important, and that makes me laugh at myself. Besides, with as much as I’m sure I babbled, it could very well be the very last time I get to type a sentence like that! 😉

Several of this week’s “thankfuls,” as I call them, revolve around my daughters. I am blessed to have them both, and when I see signs of progress in their relationship as sisters, or in the rest of our inter-family relationships in this blended family of ours, it does my heart so much good. We walk a difficult road sometimes in parenting, so remembering these things is vastly important.

1256 – My daughters have developed a “secret” handshake.
(It involves fins and noggins.)
1257 – Far less walking on eggshells since Lindsey and I had our talk.
1258 – Our daughters’ enthusiasm about adoption. When we talk about adopting again, they both seem genuinely excited, and I won’t be surprised if they both adopt when they are grown with families of their own.
1259 – My daughters are beautiful — and not just on the outside!

My Girls

1260 – Doing yesterday’s television interview to advocate adoption as a good thing, and share how important permanency is in a child’s life.
1261 – God allows us to be part of what He’s doing — because He could accomplish His work without our “help.”
1262 – I exceeded my blog income goal for 2011. I don’t blog to make money, but it’s nice to make enough to pay for expenses and such!
1263 – Safety in the storms that passed through last week. One tornado touched down between our house and our church. Scary, but no one was seriously injured, which is a huge praise.

Multitudes on Monday

Blessings to you this week! And as soon as I find out details of when the interview will air, I will let you know!

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Popping over from Ann’s blog to say hi! Sounds like a week full of amazing gifts! Thankful you are all safe! Life with the Lord is never boring, is it? May He bring many more beautiful gifts to you this week!


I am very inspired by your family’s story. Wow! What a journey. Can we watch this interview?
Glad YOU’RE safe too after that unforgettable tornado day.


I am always happy to meet another tea lover who is addicted to it as I am. Lovely list . Enjoyed my tea as I read here. Blessings on your week

Nicole Schuman

Your daughters are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing this and goodluck on your interview!


My daughters are all grown up. I always remember the fun times we had when they were little. It is great that you are planning to adopt. I believe that the bigger the family, the merrier it is. It can imagine how satisfied you felt reaching your blogging goal in 2011. I hope to hear more of your inspiring words.

Blond Duck

That’s so cool! Good luck on the interview!


Good luck for your interview! I hope you will serve as an inspiration to the people watching your interview…Thanks for the updates!


Its really great that your having a daughter which is really kind..May god bless you always..


It’s really exciting that you are getting opportunities to advocate publicly for adoption, especially when you can put a face to a family who has done an older child foster care adoption. I’m convinced that God will use you more than you ever know to plant seeds in people’s hearts about adoption. How exciting to consider how many children may find permanent homes because you chose to share your story!!!