Happy 10th Birthday!

As of today, I have been a Mama for a decade. My youngest is ten years old. Those two sentences don’t make much sense together, except when you realize that Kathryn is my youngest, but also my first child. Then came Brandon, at age 13, when I married his dad; he’s 19 now. Then came Lindsey, when we adopted her at age 14. So I’m a parent to two teenagers, but I’ve only been a Mama for ten years. My life is delightfully odd. 🙂

I gave Kathryn a slightly lighter school workload this week because I knew we would be so busy today.

First stop: Kathryn got her ears pierced! She’s been debating on doing this for quite a while, and once she finally felt ready — and not too scared, I set some specific things she needed to do to show that she was responsible enough to have and care for pierced ears.

Kat10thBday-4(Photo is just before she got her ears pierced.)

Then: tea time, of course! We enjoyed lunch at our favorite tea room…


Read Kathryn’s own blog post about her birthday here: “I’m 10!
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