Holiday Homeschool Happenings

With all the holiday happenings, plus my grandmother’s passing on Thanksgiving day, I’m just beginning to get my head back on straight — so this post is probably a bit more disjointed than usual.

I got on a SUPER house cleaning spree earlier this week — partly because it’s therapeutic for me, and partly because I need to feel like the house is clean and organized before I can clutter it back up with Christmas stuff. After the house was sparkling clean, we put up and decorated our Christmas tree. Of course, hot chocolate was involved; that just makes the decorating more fun. 😉

Christmas Tree

The girls had their last day of enrichment classes for 2012. Which means that soon, I get to go wait in line to sign them up for next semester. {Oh, joy.}

Kathryn has been experimenting with my wooden Native American flute. I thought about trying to practice and re-learn the standard flute (like she’s been playing), but I think I’m going to take back up my wooden flute, AND I’d love to finally learn to play the piano. Doing something musical will serve to stretch this Mama-brain into some areas it’s been lacking lately — and I’d like to set a good example in continuing education.

We are digging back into Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology. It’s one we use, put away a while, and then start again. I like that it’s flexible enough to do that. Kathryn was inspired to make a seal out of clay. I love when crafty creativeness comes out of any subject!

I’ve been researching more resources to keep fueling Kathryn’s interest in astronomy. Got any suggestions? I’d love to hear them! I plan to write a post soon to compile all the sites and resources I know of.

{Clockwise: my morning Bible study; one of our astronomy books; Kathryn working on a project; Ken starting a weekend of long-procrastinated outdoor projects}

homeschool week

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