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Homecoming Dance!


Lindsey has been eagerly anticipating the homecoming dance for the homeschool athletic group she is part of, and invited her friend Deanna to come as her “date.” Deanna’s mom Kimberly made the wrist corsages, and I was in charge of doing make-up (and Lindsey’s hair).

Lindsey and I often hear that we look alike, which is funny since we are not biologically related. I bet Kimberly and Deanna will hear this often, too. Homecoming2010-2

(By the way: Deanna’s adoption will be final THIS WEEK!)

The girls had a great time! They waltzed, danced the swing, and line-danced. Their feet were sufficiently sore at the end of the evening. Aren’t they beautiful!?!


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Karin Katherine

The girls are GORGEOUS and I’m beginning to think it’s God’s little joke that adopted children can favor their parents so much. Just this morning my neighbor (3 adopted + 1 biological) commented that one of her adopted daughters looks more like her than her biological child!

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Yes, they are gorgeous! I love Lindsey’s dress. And, both sets of girls and moms do look very much alike. A friend of mine has two biological children and one adopted. The adopted brother looks remarkably like his older siblings.


Jamie, they are gorgeous! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. (Nice photos, too.) My big brother’s eldest son (he has three) is actually a step-son and people are often shocked to learn that they’re not related! 🙂 ~K

Phillips Phamily Mama

Absolutely stunning and classy!


The girls are beautiful!!! The mama girls, too!


They are gorgeous!
Congratulations on the adoption process coming to completion!