Back to Homeschool (+ a baby and a birthday!)

Getting back into the swing of things after a few weeks off is hard!

But a comfy sofa with [new!] squishy purple pillows does help…

sofa homeschool

…and so does playing with a sweet baby girl! My littlest grand-niece “Peanut” will be filling our home with her adorable smiles more often, as we’ll get to have her a while each week during her mama’s student teaching time! {This crew of baby lovers is pretty happy about that!}

smiley baby
Kathryn has been reviewing for her midterm in mitzvah class tomorrow, and I’m sure she’ll do great. In addition to that — and our regular subjects, of course — she helped me make up a new relaxed schedule for our homeschool days to help us get things done each day without being a slave to the clock. So far, so good. She’s at an age now where she can really give good input on things like this, and it goes so much better when she’s able to have a say in it. Gives her ownership of her schedule and her learning.

Band class started back this week for Kathryn, but trying to get back into practicing her flute was pretty painful. Maybe next week will go better for that.

Kathryn has been working on KidCoder, a computer programming course for kids. If you missed my review (and GIVEAWAY!) earlier this week, be sure to check it out! Just leave a comment on that post to enter to win the course of your choice!

Lindsey finished her first semester of Notgrass American History, and is making progress in her other subjects. That promise of graduation four months away is keeping her going on the days she’s lacking motivation! She’s working as many hours as she can fit in, and was one of the employees chosen to work at the Chick-fil-a Bowl football game last week, too.

Oh! A fun surprise this week: I found out I was voted one of the Top 10 Best Homeschool Photo Blogs. Thanks, y’all! 🙂
Top Ten Homeschool Photos Blogs

Also this week. . . Lindsey turned 18!!!

Lindsey 18th Birthday
I gave her a garnet ring (her birthstone) that I’ve had for years. Ken brought her flowers. A friend delivered a cheerful bunch of balloons. And she got the tattoo she’s been wanting: an anchor with a reference to Hebrews 6:19.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…”

And yes, the tattoo was with our blessing. Why? Because she is here — not leaving at 18, like she would have to do if she was still in foster care. Not pregnant or already with a child or two, like nearly all the girls she knows from her old town. Not on drugs, not running away. She could’ve gotten it without our permission since she is of legal age; she didn’t even have to tell us about it. She wanted something significant for her 18th birthday, which is totally understandable after years of thinking she’d be on her own at 18. So she chose a permanent reminder of the hope she has in Jesus, her rescuer and redeemer. Will she still love it at 30, or 50, or 80? I have no idea, but I do know I’m glad she’s choosing to stay.

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