Homeschool: Getting back in the groove!

weekly report

We’ve been easing back into homeschooling. We didn’t take off entirely over the summer, but things were much lighter and less structured, so we’re trying to get back into the swing of things now.

I can’t say I’m enthralled with our U.S. history curriculum just yet, but I think it’ll work just fine with less of what I consider non-necessary work like writing out vocabulary definitions. Lindsey is doing hers without complaint, and I’m reading the text aloud to Kathryn since that helps her get through the drier bits. To go along with their studies, the girls are both reading historical literature: Calico Bush for Lindsey, and Little Town on the Prairie for Kathryn.

I made my little bookworm a very happy girl when we stopped by the library on the way home from taking Lindsey to work.

library girl

Enrichment classes started this week. Kathryn was super-excited but Lindsey didn’t seem too enthusiastic. I was praying the first day would go well, and when I picked the girls up, they were both eager to tell me all about how great their classes are and how much fun they had. One of Lindsey’s buddies from her brief stint in a hybrid school is in her Bible class, and they’re already making plans to hang out soon. Kathryn’s friend from LEGO class is in her class again this year. Kathryn and Lindsey had a great time in knitting class together and Lindsey said she’s glad they are taking that class so they can have sister-time. As soon as they finished lunch after we got home, they both started practicing what they’d learned in knitting.

knitting cast on

Kathryn began KidCoder, computer programming for kids. She’s not far enough into yet to tell how she’ll like it, but it’s a subject that interests her, so I think she’ll enjoy it. With her help, I’ll share a detailed review of this program in a few months, after we’ve used it a while.

I’ve been reading about unschooling. I once thought it was just a total free-for-all, do-nothing, get-out-of-school-free, not-really-homeschooling style of homeschooling. {And evidently I really like hyphens.} It’s definitely NOT that. I feel a whole post about this coming soon, but for now, I’m reevaluating how we’re doing some things. I’ve been doing this too long to have rose-colored glasses about how our homeschool days should go, but when I see true exasperation in my kids in certain areas, that means some changes are needed.

As part of this re-evaluation of what we’re doing, I asked Kathryn to make a list of things she’d like to learn about this year. {An idea borrowed from Joan’s unschooling curriculum post.} Kathryn immediately went to the table, grabbed a piece of notebook paper, and quickly came up with a full-page list.

A few subjects on Kathryn’s list:

  • Astronomy
  • piano
  • cursive
  • photography
  • painting
  • dog anatomy
  • how to do simple sewing stuff like hemming and eventually using a sewing machine

One of the things on Kathryn’s list was learning “regular” cursive, since she likes how it looks better than the cursive italic she learned a few years ago. For now, I just printed some handwriting worksheets for her, and she set to work.


I’ll do this list-making with Lindsey soon, too, but I’m pretty sure she’ll have a harder time giving me a list since she still “hates school.” Really, she hates math, and thinks of some other subjects as boring. I still haven’t convinced her that things like art and knitting and Bible and “fun” things are also school. But she’s been reaping the benefits of homeschooling, and her views are changing a little. She can sleep later than her public school friends; she can start working in the afternoon while they’re still in school, and we can modify what we’re doing in regards to certain subjects. Besides, can you roll your chair to the fridge to get a glass of milk in public school? 😉

rolling chair

Ah, life as a homeschooler…

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