Middle and High School Homeschool Days

I’ve missed a few weeks of homeschool updates because we’ve had so much going on with getting ready for overnight visits with our newest kids! No, it’s still not definite, but we’re moving right along and praying for the Lord’s will. We’ve spent this week putting together a bunk bed in Kathryn’s room, cleaning out closets, and changing the purple teen girl bedroom into a little boy bedroom (since Lindsey moved upstairs a few months ago). There’s still a lot to do, but we at least have a place for them to sleep when they stay here this weekend! {My most recent update on this foster-adoption.}

One more non-school-related thing that’s always a big deal in our house: the annual Father-Daughter Valentine’s dance at church! This is the fourth year Ken has taken the girls; Lindsey says she’s going even when she’s 30. 😉

Valentine's Dance 2013

The girls reminded Ken that next year he may have another daughter to take to the dance!

It’s a little mind-blowing to think that next year I’ll probably have a preschooler and a first grader in our homeschool. For now, though, I have a sixth-grader and a high school senior, and today I’m sharing a little on what our typical week looks like.

A typical week for my middle-schooler:

Each week, Kathryn has one day of enrichment classes. Her favorite is LEGO class, and in the past few weeks, she has made a working pendulum clock, a magnet powered circus trick (these projects have accompanying stories), and a flywheel-powered car. In addition to learning kicks in Choi Kwang Do, she’s also been learning more about the history and discipline of it, which includes quite a few Korean words. She also assists in in art class for younger kids.

Since she doesn’t get to keep the LEGO projects, she takes photos of each one.
LEGO mechanics projects

Three days of the week, Kathryn works independently (with me nearby for questions) to do her math, writing assignments, and any history or science assignments. I read science and history lessons aloud — not because she can’t read them on her own, but because we both enjoy it and we both learn better that way. Just like she’s done since she was little, she sits nearby so she can read along; it’s how she learned to read. Often, she knits while I read. Unless we have a weird/busy morning, she finishes tablework by lunchtime. That leaves afternoons for household projects, errands, flute practice, and what I’m trying to make into “one more thing” (after seeing how well that works for the Hodgepodge!).

We try to do a creative project every week. Sometimes that’s art, sometimes a handiwork project of some sort. Her most recent creation was a nightgown for her sock doll; she did every bit of it herself, including coming up with the idea.

Fridays are very light days with afternoons off. It’s a catch-up day if needed, and we head to band class right after lunch.

Currently, Kathryn has school on Saturdays as well, in the form of mitzvah classes at her dad’s messianic synagogue. She learns a great deal of Bible history, as well as how to read, write, and speak Hebrew.

A typical week for my high school senior:

Lindsey schedule varies a bit more from week to week due to her ever-changing work schedule. However, like Kathryn, she has one set day of enrichment classes. She’s taking a Bible class, Choi Kwang Do (with Kathryn), and a home design class. The design class is her favorite; this week she won a prize for the best project, where she designed a dream bedroom for me!

bedroom design

Some weeks, she’ll spread out her schoolwork over 4 or 5 days, but some weeks, she crams it into just a couple of days if she has daytime shifts at work. Occasionally, since she usually has flexibility during typical school hours, she’ll babysit during the week in addition to her regular job at Chick-fil-a. (That extra cash is important for a teen beginning to pay some of her own bills!) She did that one day this week and took her schoolwork with her. Lindsey takes Fridays off from school as well since she almost always works that day.

Last week, Lindsey started an online Essay Rock Star writing course. She likes to write, and I believe that’s a hugely important skill, but Lindsey and I have both realized she’s super-sensitive to any negative feedback from me, so we are both excited about this.

Sometimes LacyDog likes to help with schoolwork, too!
LacyDog helps with schoolwork

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