Homeschool Summer Fun + a BIG Victory!

We’re not back to school — yet.

I’ve been tackling our school room shelves, reorganizing our craft cabinet, and refinishing a new table and chairs. (Room reveal coming soon!) Public schools here started back this week, but we won’t be starting our new homeschool year until September. That’s later than I’d planned, but it’s how things worked out with Kathryn’s summer schedule with her dad. I’d really like to start homeschooling year round (with breaks), but I’m going to have to think long and hard about how that can work with her visitation schedule for summer and holidays.

In the meantime…

WonderDog has spent hours bunny-watching. Although I do let her out to chase some of them (giving them a head start to be fair), she thinks she should get to chase EVERY bunny that ever comes into our yard.

bunny watching

It’s been a rainy summer! But living room forts are fun on rainy days, and big sis Kathryn is a fabulous fort-builder. I love seeing Kathryn in this big sister role. She is very responsible and helps me so much, but having younger siblings to play with let her keep being a kid, too. The world we live in seems intent on making kids grow up too soon; I want my kids to enjoy childhood as long as possible!


Whether in a fort or lounging on the sofa, reading is a great thing to do when it’s too hot or rainy to play outside! Our new DK books have been a big hit around here! The kids’ favorites have been the latest nature books: Everything You Need to Know about Frogs; Everything You Need to Know About Snakes; and Everything You Need to Know About Sharks books. This series of books totally creeps me out because of the vivid photos, but they are full of all sorts of interesting information, and Jem in particular thinks the pictures are really “cool!” Scout also likes Let’s Go Riding, a LEGO Friends early-reader book.


Clear summer nights have been good for stargazing. Kathryn is excited that a meteor shower will coincide with her beach trip later this month! Did you catch the Night Sky (August) edition of Barb’s Handbook of Nature Study newsletter?

We’d been telling Scout and Jem they couldn’t go to the neighborhood pool until they made it seven days in a row without wetting their pants. It took four months, but finally, they did it! I never thought pee could be my mental undoing, but it came mighty close. This is a HUGE victory, and not just for my sanity: it means something in their subconscious minds has clicked that they are home, and that they are safe with us.

pool fun

And finally, our back porch robins recently graduated brood number three for this summer in the same nest; I guess they figured that nest was too good not to keep on using! I’m thinking about getting that nest down and saving it (after fumigating), in a little glass cloche with a few fake eggs. Wouldn’t that be cute!?!

Stay tuned: we’ll be back to regular homeschool updates soon!

One more thing: a challenge!

The Samaritan’s Purse bloggers have a “Back to School” challenge for you! Here it is:

Commit ten dollars of your back-to-school shopping budget to go to an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, and see how far can you stretch that $10 with back-to-school sales; many areas have tax-free shopping days coming up soon, too! On August 28th, we’ll host a link-up for you to share a post about your back-to-school finds! {Check out these 100 Shoebox Ideas for inspiration!}

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