Hands-on Kids’ Crafts from Kiwi Crate

Let’s be real: even though I have an entire Pinterest board full of kids’ crafts, sometimes (ok, lots of times), planning those projects and making sure we have all the supplies just does not happen. Although Kathryn has free reign with our craft supplies at any time, I haven’t given the little kids that privilege yet because they haven’t learned when and how to use what — which creates another dilemma: until I let them make more crafty things, they’ll never master scissors or learn what not to glue to what. {sigh}

Kiwi Crate: a genius idea for kids’ crafts!

Disclosure: I was provided with this product at no cost for the purposes of this review, and I was compensated for my time; all opinions are my own.

kiwi crate hands-on kids craft subscription

Whoever thought of Kiwi Crate is a genius. Seriously, it’s one of those ideas I wish I’d thought of myself! Each “crate” (box) is shipped right to your door and includes all materials and instructions for two (sometimes three) activities.

Let’s back up a second in case you missed that: ALL materials AND instructions are included! Right there, in the box. That means no last-minute trips to Walmart because you thought you had [insert random craft supply here] but ran out just as you were about to start on a craft. {Am I the only one???}

kiwi crate kids crafts

These hands-on projects are geared towards ages 3 to 8, but I think there’s wiggle room on the top end of that. Even teenage Kathryn thought they were cool, and volunteered to help the little kids with their projects.

kiwi crate car craft for kids

On each instruction card, there’s a nifty little parent involvement indicator. I love that because I know ahead of time if this is a sit-down-and-do-it-with-them kind of craft, or a remain-in-the-general-area kind of craft. Very pertinent info so I know when to make my tea!

kiwi crate skyscraper city craft project

Each Kiwi Crate has a theme, anything from gardening to dinosaurs, and varies each month. We received the City Adventure crate, with everything needed to make a taxi cab and skyscraper building project, plus a city-themed activity booklet.

We got the sibling kit, which means there was two of everything! Another fantastic idea so there’s no hurt feelings over who gets to make which craft.

kiwi crate car craft for kids

Get your own Kiwi Crate subscription!

You can buy just one Kiwi Crate at a time, if you like, for $19.95; the sibling add-on (a brilliant idea also known as the “no fight” crate) is $9.95. But if you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription, it’s an even better deal!

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