Life lately: April highlights

“It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.” Jimmy Buffett

Lighthouse Run 2017

This month, Ken ran his first 10K. That’s his longest race ever, and he even did it in this straw hat! One of the most fun things about this race is seeing all the tropical, Jimmy Buffet-esque themed costumes. I was proud of myself, too, for taking more than 11 minutes off last year’s time!


We’ve spent a few weekend days cleaning up the yard, raking piles and piles of leaves, taking out a few old shrubs, and beginning to plan what we’ll plant where. Last year we didn’t do much at all since it was our first year in the house and I wanted to see what was already established. So far all I’ve planted is a couple of blueberry bushes. Ken found a little nest in a shrub he was about to cut down, so we left it for another week until we saw that all the eggs were gone. Sadly, I think something must’ve eaten them.

nest and yardwork

Indoors, we finally re-painted the fireplace; it was already painted white but it was dingy and too-shiny, so now it looks so much better!

I’m still absolutely loving teaching my fitness class for senior adults. I even have a couple of gentlemen attending now. It’s SO happy-making to cut up with folks in class, have them ask advice on fitness things, and chat and get to know them a bit before/after. I’m planning to have a little after-class party one day in May!


playing with hermit crabs on the beach

We’ve been enjoying all sorts of unschoolish nature study. We had that little bird nest, of course, and several beach days where the kids found dozens of hermit crabs and a variety of shells we’re learning to identify. They’re getting pretty good at identifying our coastal birds as well.

I’ve experienced a first in my 11 years of homeschooling: Jem currently thinks multiplication is “the funnest math ever.” No child of mine has ever uttered such things before. I’m not sure what to make of it but we’re rolling with it as long as it lasts!

homeschoolers are weird

He made himself a pair of LEGO glasses and tried to convince me they helped him see better. It’s true, y’all: sometimes homeschoolers really ARE weird. 😉

:: people to see, places to go

Our town has no shortage of festivals. One of the first we went to last year was the Earth Day Festival, and we enjoyed it so much we attended again this year, too. We talked to bee-keepers, bird rescuers, beach preservationists, gardeners, and a fireman who gave us a tour of a firetruck. Scout won second place in the art contest for her sea turtle painting.

earth day art contest

Later in the month, we had another wild + free group play day with friends, which meant running around, exploring the beach, and finding some really great shells.

beach day with friends

:: what’s working for us

Khan Academy! Kathryn has been doing math, a cosmology & astronomy course, a computer programming course, and playing around with Pixar in a Box.

:: what we’ve been reading

:: on the blog (in case you missed it)

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