Life lately: summer highlights

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.”

Van Morrison
sunset on the canal


Oh, look — I actually do still blog, in case you wondered! I don’t make as much time for writing here as I once did, but I still enjoy this little creative outlet. I’m currently working on setting more of a routine in place with the start of the new school year, so I’ll likely be writing more.

cottage style dining room
new and improved dining area

Seems like every summer I get on a kick to reorganize, repaint, or re-do something in the house. My biggest project this summer was our dining area. I found (on craigslist) a beautiful trestle table and bench made of reclaimed wood from a historical home, an outdoor patio rug (because kids) on clearance, and a giant brown china cabinet I bought super cheap (facebook marketplace) and spruced it up. That cabinet was gross but now it’s gorgeous, if I do say so myself; I’ll share before/after photos another time but for now, go ahead and ooh and aah.

sea turtle nest excavation
sea turtle nest excavation (+ hatchlings!)

We had a record-setting sea turtle season this year and I was in charge of two nests this summer. It’s hard to get photos when the nests hatch because it’s dark and we don’t use lights, but if we have babies to release at a nest excavation, it makes for good photo opportunities. Read more about what we get to do each summer: Volunteering as a Sea Turtle Nest Parent.


Now that Kathryn, the one child I taught at home since kindergarten, has graduated, my days as a homeschool mom are winding down. I still feel passionately that homeschooling is awesome and a great option for many families, but I’ve never felt it’s the ONLY option. Our new school year starts this week, and Scout will be attending the local middle school in 6th grade while Jem learns at home for 5th grade. Most likely, he’ll attend school next year.

what we’ve been reading

The stack below is of my July reads, and I’ll be sharing my August reads this week on instagram. I’ve read a number of good ones this summer but I think the best book I’ve read lately is The Reckless Oath We Made by Bryn Greenwood.

See Jamie Read, book stack
a few of my summer reads

on the blog (in case you missed ’em)

Happy almost-September, y’all!