Multitudes (with a dose of bad fashion)

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” Woody Allen

1213 – Kathryn really enjoys her homeschool enrichment classes.

1214 – Finally getting a much-overdue eye exam, and already having improvement in a weird eyelid rash I’ve had for months!

1215 – Exciting news that my youngest niece is expecting!

1216 – Being listed on a “Top 100 Homeschool Blogs” list.

1217 – We are now re-certified for CPR/first aid, and completed five of the required yearly training hours to maintain our status as approved for foster/adoption.

1218 – Letting my artsy side out a little by doing an art project with my daughter, instead of just observing and instructing. (Our chickadee pastel project.)

1219 – Fun — and funny — memories from old photos my mom dug up.

1220 – I now have better fashion sense than I did in high school.

Jamie Bad Fashion

1221 –  More boudoir sessions last week with beautiful (inside and out) Christian wives.

1222 – Families who are committed to raising their children to know and love the Lord. (Baby dedication at church this week!)

1223 – Ken and Lindsey began training to go on the high school mission trip to the Dominican Republic in April. (This will be the second year, and Ken will again be a group leader.)

1224 – Financial blessing that allowed us to pay for mission trip deposits, eye exams and glasses for both me and Lindsey, and the CPR class.

1225 – Spending an afternoon re-living memories with my mom, my aunt, and a cousin while cleaning things out at my grandmother’s house.

Multitudes on Monday

Consider counting your gifts, if you haven’t starting doing so already!