My Good-looking Parents: circa 1970 (or thereabouts)

One of my aunts recently sent me a big envelope full of old photos, mostly of me as a kid, but there were a few in there of my parents. I’d seen most of them before, but I can’t recall ever seeing this one. I love it! Retro cheese + my mom’s fab 1970’s outfit + those serious/sultry expressions on my parents’ faces. (I’m pretty sure this was in the pre-Jamie years.)

mom and dad 1970s

What I want to know is how DID my mom get her hair so shiny? Was there some special 1970’s spray/lacquer for hair? I would totally wear that outfit right now (minus that necklace that would make me feel like I was being strangled), but only if I could have that uber-shiny hair; it just would not be the same without it. 😉