Hi there, New Year! {let’s catch up!}

After a couple of weeks away from blogging to enjoy the holidays with my family, it’s time to catch up!

First of all, I updated a few blog-related things. Notice my header with a new girl that looks even more like me? Love her! I moved my feed, too, so I hope my subscribers are getting my posts; I don’t want to lose anyone! {Hello? Are you there, friends?}

We celebrated Christmas.

{over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go!}
to grandmother's house we go
{fun gifts and family time!}
Christmas fun

{a new tradition: Christmas day lunch at Waffle House}
Christmas Day lunch at Waffle House

We built a fence.

Actually, we aren’t finished because the weather has been wet, wet, wet. And did I mentioned it’s been really rainy? But we’ve been working on this big project for a while now so it deserves a mention. Kathryn was out in the cold working alongside Ken every day; Lindsey helped some (when she wasn’t working); and I used my concrete-mixing skillz from all those years watching my talented brick-mason dad.

fence building

One lesson learned: if I ever move north, I’m going to need a new, fleece-lined wardrobe because I wore layer upon layer and still stayed cold!

We welcomed the new year.

Both the girls were away so Ken and I just enjoyed spending New Year’s Eve together at home (as Lacy huddled in the corner, terrified of the fireworks), and then spent January 1st going out for lunch, taking down the tree, and being glad we weren’t digging fence post holes or mixing and pouring concrete for a change!

I went a little bonkers with cleaning/decluttering.

{My 2013 motto: Simplify.}
I warned my family if they stood still long enough, they’d be cleaned, organized, or put in the give-away pile. I even sanitized my washing machine! I’ll be writing more about my simplification plans in the coming weeks; I’m hoping to simplify everything from kitchen wares to social media and all sorts of things in-between!

Kathryn is away for another few days of holiday time at her dad’s, and Lindsey has been at the Passion Conference this week, so we won’t start back to any sort of schooling until next week. In the meantime, I’m taking a carload to Goodwill, checking things off my to-do list, and working on upcoming blog posts — including the one explaining that teaser from just before Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But for now…
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