Our Week: Daughters, Duct Tape, & Decisions

Last Friday night, I took both of my girls to the annual Mother-Daughter event at our church. It was a ballet performance of a modernized version of the story of Ruth, followed by a dessert reception. The fun of the evening (influenced, I’m sure, by the sugar we’d eaten) made for much laughter on our drive home. These lighthearted moments are becoming more frequent, and I am very thankful.

Mother Daughter hug

After many talks and much pondering, it looks as though Lindsey will be homeschooling again next year. She has realized that this will give her much more flexibility, and will get her graduated sooner than if she sticks with the rigidity of public school requirements and schedules.  If she remains in public school, she’s likely looking at three more years, and she’s already 17. I’ve made no promises about this time-frame, but told her if she is extremely diligent and if we start this June, then she may be able to graduate in June 2013. So now I’m in major planning mode because I’ll be trying to fit in nearly two years of schooling into one calendar year; there are a variety of reasons for this, but that’s for another post, another time.

Last Sunday, Kathryn celebrated Purim and dressed as Esther for a costume contest (at her dad’s messianic synagogue). This week, for a bat mitzvah class assignment, she wrote a short report comparing the play at the Purim celebration to the story of Esther in the Bible.

Kathryn has been on a major creative kick lately, and has been knitting up a storm, plus making a few fun and funky projects, like this brightly colored Duct tape purse!

duct tape purse

I started our next scheduled literature read-aloud, Kim by Rudyard Kipling, but didn’t even make it through the first chapter before I decided I needed a less cumbersome read-aloud after Oliver Twist. Oddly enough, I can talk a mile a minute, but reading something like that aloud wears me out; weird, huh? So we’re reading another book from our shelf, Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter. We’re only a few chapters into it, but we are both enjoying it.

homeschool read alouds

Kathryn’s interest in astronomy has grown since finding a few great sites like and Astronomy Picture of the Day. As we were in the car with my mom the other night, Kathryn was telling her all about Jupiter and Venus, and how they’re in a different place than usual, and other things that make my brain hurt to think about. Yeah, homeschool is cool. 😉 Just a note: the EarthSky site is not at all Creation-minded, but if you stick to the astronomy parts, it’s good stuff. Kathryn has eagerly taken it upon herself to learn all this; I should really look for some good astronomy books, too!

I’m hoping later today to do a little art project. If we do, I’ll be sure to share. Kathryn wants to do the little chicks pastel from Hodgepodge, and next week, I want to try Barb’s peony!

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I am the same way about reading out loud! What’s up with that? And with two different kids needing school books read aloud to them, and a toddler who would be perfectly happy to sit on my lap and be read to all day long, my voice gets pretty tired most days! 😉

Stef Layton

wow – so wonderful Jamie your obedience to let her go, God brings her right back home. Isn’t that wonderful! Much prayers for y’all as you navigate this next year and press thru.


That is a great picture Stef., and wow 2 years into one. I can’t wait to read the why behind that decision.


I am so happy for you and Lindsey, Jamie:)
Thank you for the links to those sites. I’ve got to go see Barb’s Peony! I love peonies almost as much as roses and we have peony bushes in our front yard!

Isn’t duct tape cool? I love seeing duct tape projects. The most eccentric, (but rather neat)one I ever saw was prom gowns made from them…… Seriously.

Barb Martin

What a cute duct tape purse. I could see my girls loving that. Prayers for you and Lindsey as you navigate the next year of school.

Amy @ Little Adventures

What an awesome post! beeautiful photo of you and your daughters 🙂 Prayers to their upcoming school plans!

Tricia @ Hodgepodge

My Middle Girl is peeking over my shoulder and loving Kathryn’s duct tape purse. Love the stripes! What a great mother/daughter week. Prayers for yours and Lindsey’s big plans! (and can’t wait to see the little chicks and peony). I’ll surely be back for your t-shirt giveaway 🙂

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters

The purse is adorable! Can you believe that my daughter and I are attempting to make her prom dress out of duct tape?! What was I thinking????

Becca B. {}

Your daughters are lovely. And that duck tape purse is really cool – I want one! 🙂

All Things Beautiful

When I first read that title, I thought maybe you were solving your daughter problems with duct tape. LOL just kidding.

Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

All the best with your high school planning! We’re starting the high school journey in September with my oldest. It seems a little daunting, but everything is falling into place. I hope it does for you and your daughter as well.

LOVE the duct tape purse!

Gene Stratton-Porter is my DH’s great-great-great?-aunt. 😀


thanks for visiting my blog

The Mother-Daughter event sounds nice 🙂

All the best if you do decide to hs Lindsey again

the Duct tape purse is cool I like the colours

Andrea Roseman

Exciting times at your house! You are a brave woman to try and conquer two years in one :o) I love the picture of you and your daughters and the comment about the lighthearted moments becoming more frequent. That is something that I am striving for with my kids as well. It seems that I get so intent on making sure I’m teaching them all that they need to know academically, teaching them right from wrong and correcting the wrong, that I sometimes just forget to laugh and enjoy them as well!!


Not weird at all. First, I have tried reading Kim (just for myself) three separate times. I am enjoying the book but find others I’d rather read instead and chose to put it down. Second, not every book reads aloud well. Some books were written to be read aloud but not all can be enjoyed that way.

Pam in Missouri

Freckles and the sequel Girl of the Limberlost are two of my all-time favorite books. Just might need to read those again for the umpteenth time. Can’t wait to hear how you two like them. Enjoy!


Love the duct tape purse!


Wow, Kathryn looks so grown up in the duct-tape purse photo! regarding Kim: I know of several folks who put off reading that one, despite the fact that it’s scheduled for AO Year 5. We’re *trying* to read Kidnapped! but no one thinks it’s as good as Treasure Island (same author). We’ll jump to Oliver Twist. I love reading aloud, and the girls enjoy my reading to them. In fact, I still read some school books aloud, even though they’re “supposed” to be reading most everything on their own now. I’m glad Lindsey will be home next year. Blessings on… Read more »


Hi Jamie, I’m so happy that you stopped by to visit me today – Cha Cha is now responsible for introducing me to so many incredible women! I’m a library/reading aloud with my kids nut, and when you mentioned “Kim” my heart skipped a beat. I read that last summer (or the year before? I lose track) with my oldest (11 now) and we loved it. But I haven’t tried Oliver Twist. And I’m thinking Freckles would be perfect with my daughter. Thanks so much for the suggestions. Your girls are beautiful. Praying for peace as you prepare for the… Read more »


Visiting from THMJ. We will be starting The Jungle Book by Kipling next week, which I read part of it with my oldest, but for some reason we never finished it. I highly recommend Freckles!


We learned about Purim from the book, All of a Kind Family. The year we read it the kids dressed up and we delivered a food basket to one of the few Jews in the country we lived in. He was so completely thrilled. It’s always been a favorite memory for us 🙂

Giggly Girls

Beautiful picture of you and your girls!!!! (And I love your wall color. We’re in the process of a building a new house so I’m noticing stuff like that these days. lol)

My girl loves the duct tape too. She’s never tried a purse though. I’ll have to show that to her.


Love the dust tape purse! My girls have duct taped just about anything that doesn’t move here:)

So glad to see that Lindsey will be home with you next year! Blessings to you both as you try to work it all in:)


I’m not sure if the resemblance is as strong in person, but Lindsey bears a strong resemblance to both you and Kathryn in the picture you posted! I’m sure that God will give you all you need in terms of wisdom, strength and grace to homeschool her and get her graduated sooner than later 🙂

Thanks for the astronomy links. My husband teaches science so I will pass them along. They are studying astronomy this year and are very interested in links like this!

Kara @ The Chuppies

I love this…
Just the whole idea that now she is choosing homeschool.
Because you were willing to take a risk and let go for a bit…trust Him.
Though the 2-in-1 sounds daunting…it must be “the plan” for you all 🙂
The photo of the three of you is great!

Gilbert Smith

My daughter misses her mom a lot. And I know I can never give her everything a mother can do. But I’m doing everything for her. Any tips and advice so I can catch-up with her teenage life? Thanks you!