Our Week: Kites, a Picnic, & the Military Ball

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All is well in our homeschool: nothing new, really, but no big bumps in the road either. We’re just plugging along pleasantly through the next month and a half til we’re done with this school year. We are, however, considering the possibility of moving to a year round schedule with something along the lines of six weeks on, one week off. As I start homeschool-year planning, I’ll be playing around with how that might work for us.

Last Saturday morning, I attended shabbat with Kathryn and her dad and his family at his messianic synagogue. Later in the day, Kathryn and I entertained ourselves with more sidewalk painting, running a few errands, and a walk/scooter ride around the neighborhood. We ran into my mom on the way (because she lives right around the corner from us), and went to her house to see a bird nest in a potted plant on her back porch. Earlier in the week, she’d told us about the bird nest and we’d helped her identify the bird as a house wren. We’ll stop back in again soon to try to get a glimpse of babies. See Mama Wren burrowed down in the pine straw nest (top right)?

our week: kites, picnic, nature

We continue to study and admire our heirloom irises, like that purple-blue one above. And there have been bunnies galore in our yard lately. If the Easter Bunny didn’t make it to your house, it’s because he and all his little minions were here in our yard. 😉

Easter Sunday was a perfectly beautiful spring day. Because Ken and Lindsey got in late Saturday night, and because our big church is usually insanely busy on Easter Sunday, and because middle school small groups were not meeting (where Ken and I volunteer) that day, we decided to let everyone sleep late on Sunday. Earlier in the week, Kathryn and I decided that the perfect way to celebrate our risen Lord, and to celebrate our family being back together again, was to go on a picnic and spend the day enjoying God’s creation. So we packed up and headed to nearby Kennesaw Mountain Park for a picnic lunch on an old quilt, then flew kites, looked at clouds, played frisbee, walked a nature trail, and played at the creek. This, my friends, is nature study at it’s finest. Lindsey and Kathryn waded in the creek, but it was still too cold for me to be sticking my feet in that water!

Tonight is the military ball for the JROTC program for several surrounding schools. As usual, the Worley Beauty Salon (a.k.a: my bathroom) was in full swing for Lindsey and her friend Sarah. Doing hair and makeup is one of the ways I get Fun Mama points from Lindsey — and “cool” points from her friend. Ken was, as usual, designated photographer. The girls are spending the night here tonight, so I’ll be sipping my tea waiting for them all to get home safe and sound.

ready for the Military Ball

**Next Monday begins my “10 Days of Adoption” series, so please come back for that!

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