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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 401-425

Counting more of my many gifts…
401) playdates
402) field trips
403) honey
404) honeybees
405) good conversation with Ken
406) a husband who cares deeply
407) Ken’s diligence in Bible study
408) baby bumps (like Aubrey’s)
409) client referrals
410) compliments on our work
411) compliments on my writing
412) being part of so many weddings!
413) my new bag worked for me (tried it out at Saturday’s wedding)
414) being DONE with the homeschool group’s directory
415) our new microscope
416) the girls’ excitement about the microscope
417) simple, old-fashioned toys, like Kathryn’s paper dolls
418) that Kathryn loves toys like in #416
419) soap
420) new things I learn in familiar Bible passages
421) travel mugs (so tea can go with me!)
422) being okay with how goofy I look sometimes — like when I was making faces at a baby at Saturday’s wedding!
goofy Jamie
423) continually learning
424) a chair big enough to snuggle in
425) my distant cousin’s baby Gemma is getting big and strong! (I’ve been following their journey through their “baby blog.”)

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom

I love that honey is on your list. 🙂


Reading this list made me feel so good! Something postivie about thankfulness is contagious. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ~K