Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 776 – 800

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776) My aunt’s car to borrow when ours is out of commission.
777) Lindsey earned her learner’s driving permit test!
LindseyLearners778) Another relaxing week after the holidays (last week).
779) Photographing Ken’s cousin Laurie’s wedding Saturday.
780) My super-cool new camera strap: the RS-W1.
781) A great turn-out at the Bridal Expo on Sunday!
BridalExpo782) Lots of inquiries about 2011 weddings – even before the Bridal Expo!
783) Hearing wonderful feedback from friends of recent wedding clients!
784) Potential for Worley Arts’ best year ever!
785) Exclamation points! Because they’re awesome!
786) Sheepskin slippers and cozy pajama pants after two days on my feet!
787) Lindsey’s 16th birthday — today!!!!!
788) SNOW DAY!!!!
789) Ken at home with us today!
790) Another day to get my act together & finish up lesson plans.
791) Sledding with my husband!
792) Sledding with my girls!
793) Lots of laughter!
794) Making memories.
795) Tromping “over the river and through the woods” to Granma’s house in the snow.
796) Fresh hot cinnamon buns at Granma’s (my mom’s house).
797) Sitting by the fire to thaw out.
798) Still having power (I hear it’s out in many places due to ice).
799) A memorable birthday for Lindsey.
800) Being chosen as a new contributor for Raising Homemakers!