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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 851 – 875

Join in and count your “one-thousand gifts,” too:

851) a delightful new loofa in my shower (sometimes it really is the little things!)
852) finally being able to make copies on my printer!
853) doing a nature study last week
854) a new pen-pal for Kathryn
855) a tour of our favorite radio station
856) doing a [recorded] radio interview
857) another avenue to share our adoption story and encourage others
858) spreading the word about NILMDTS in last week’s presentation
859) apple pie
860) pretty, sunshiney days in the middle of winter
861) Ken was able to go on a men’s retreat
862) safe travels for Ken and the guys to and from North Carolina
863) friends to carpool with for church activities and such
864) a long-overdue coffee date with my friend Angela
865) surviving my first time in the car with Lindsey driving
866) the funny way Lacy growls and wants to play any time Ken and I hug
867) free movie rental
868) decent, fun family movies (“Finding Nemo” and “How to Train Your Dragon”)
869) our adoption story is to be featured on the cover of a national publication
870) we got to shoot the cover photo for #869
871) lazy Sunday afternoons
872) my husband is glad to see me even after just one night away
873) I’m glad to see him, too.
874) wonderful recent reviews from bride-clients
875) overhearing Lindsey tell Ken he’s “the best Daddy in the world!”

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Emily Joyce

Congratulations on all the avenues to speak about adoption! How exciting! My three brothers are adopted.

I found your blog by visiting some of the other Multitudes on Mondays posts from A Holy Experience. Have a wonderful Monday!