Quilted together family

Having our two adult kids here to visit last month with all the grandkids was wonderful. The timing worked out nicely with Lindsey and crew coming in early that Friday so that we had nearly two days with them before Brandon and crew arrived. We had a few days with the whole gang here, and then a few days with Brandon’s little family after Lindsey headed back to Georgia.

While we were playing on the beach that first morning Lindsey arrived, she told me Quan was nervous because he really wanted us to like him. Although they’ve been together a couple of years now, we had never met him before this trip. She said he told her he was worried because we’d see he was “cut from a different kind of cloth.”

adoption quilts a family together

Lindsey said she told him,

“So? I’m cut from a different cloth.
Those two over there [Scout and Jem] are cut from a different cloth.
My mom went and made herself a quilt!

I love that.

At the little reception back at the house after Lindsey’s wedding, she told Quan that I’d just sewn another piece on the quilt. He and his little girl are part of the family now.

my crazy-quilt family

I wonder if he realizes what he got himself into? 😉

I feel like I fail miserably some [many] days, but if Lindsey sees this in my heart, then I must be getting it right at least some of the time, and that gives me hope. Parenting is hard; although it doesn’t stop with adult children, it does change. Especially in what has been a somewhat complicated relationship over the years.

I still struggle with our youngest girl. On the toughest days, I need this hope to hold onto.

Ironically — and entirely unplanned by any of us — Lindsey’s wedding was exactly 9 years after the day we first met her in the office of our adoption agency. I didn’t even realize it until my facebook memories popped up to remind me. She was 14 then, and we were all clueless about what the coming years would bring.

It’s been a long road and we’re still traveling it.
But I love this crazy quilt we’ve made.

*sewing photo courtesy of unsplash.com