Spring has sprung in Georgia!

It’s spring, y’all, and here in Georgia, we are evidently high achievers because we’ve had record-breaking high temps and record-breaking high pollen counts, even before spring officially sprung! We’re already having to mow the lawn, too, or else Lacy the WonderDog will get lost out there in the tall grass (and weeds).

The other day, I saw a something I’d never seen before, and it took me a minute to figure out what exactly it was: a HUGE yellow cloud of pollen swirling and floating at about treeline height. Makes my eyes water just thinking about it.

A tweet from our local weather guy this morning explains why I won’t be working in my yard today after all!

Despite all that, I still love the newness of spring.

Blossoming dogwood trees

Spring 2012 Dogwood Blooms

I enjoy all the birds in our yard, but sometimes in the spring our mockingbird boys (like this one) get kind of crazy if they don’t find a mate. Right now, he’s being a normal bird, so we’re still friends at the moment.

Spring 2012 Bird in Dogwood Tree

We can’t seem to keep insects and things off this peach tree, but this is the Peach State, so I really want to figure out how to get it healthy. It’s blossoms are soooo pretty!

Spring 2012 Peach Blossom

A friend gave me an itty bitty baby maple tree a few years ago, and I’ve managed to keep it alive! This year, it’s even branched out, which is exciting! I think I’ll have to plant it in the ground by this fall. (Lacy is in the window there, wanting to be in the front yard with me!)

Spring2012 Baby Maple Tree

One of my first irises of the year. I’ve had these purple ones for a long time, originally from my grandmother’s garden, then in my mom’s, and finally to me. I love having plants with sentimental meaning, passed down for generations. Since these need to be thinned out every other year or so, I can share them with friends, too.

Spring2012 Iris

We had only huge ugly yellow pines (which tend to fall on houses in our typical thunderstormy spring weather and icy winter weather), so we cut those nearly as soon as we moved in seven years ago, and began planting other trees, like this silver maple that has grown nearly as tall as our house already! I’m still fascinated by the “helicopters” it makes before the leaves come out.

Spring 2012 Maple Tree Helicopters

My redbud tree is blooming! It’s still young, but survived several years of drought and seems to be well-established now.

Spring2012 Redbud tree

This is a close-up of one of my newest trees, a young Southern Magnolia, but what I was really photographing here is the coating of pine tree pollen. See? Those leaves are suppose to be glossy green — not yellow — but everything in Georgia this time of year is coated in gross pine pollen, even other plants and trees!

Spring 2012 Pollen-coated Magnolia

Full disclosure: my veggie garden spot currently looks like this. Pathetic, I know… but I’m tackling it soon!

Spring 2012 Pathetic Garden Spot

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