Spring is springing!

Spring is springing up all over my garden! That includes the weeds. This week I weeded, then weeded some more–and more!  It’s crazy how many weeds I pulled, and my garden is STILL chock-full of them. Grrrrrr! The weeds may have won this week’s battle but I will win the war on weeds — eventually!

I really dislike weeds, but flowers make me happy. So I shall share my happy flowers with you!

These blooms promise a summer flavored with tasty homegrown blueberries!!!

blueberry blooms
My first rosebud of the season.

1st rose bud
Oodles of irises! Isn’t purple a delightfully happy color?

more irises
These are weeds.
I’d love them in a big field, and sort of let them go a bit last year, but they are trying to take over the flower garden so they are gonna have to go bye-bye.

pretty weeds

Early last spring a friend gave me a couple of baby Japanese maple trees. All but one died, and I was afraid the last one had died, too. But it didn’t!

baby maple
My camellia is finally blooming, too! Did you know that this gorgeous flower is very closely related to the camellia sinesisplant, which is what they harvest for tea! So maybe in desperate circumstances, I could brew up some camellia leaves. {wink}

camellia 1st bloom

All sorts of other things are blooming around here, too: azaleas, some pretty little purple ground-cover I forgot the name of, wild honeysuckle, and apple trees. Care to see more of my garden? Check out my garden set on flickr.

I hope you’re enjoying some happy flowers, too! I’m just trying to ignore the yucky pollen coating my world and doing it’s best to cause headaches and sneezes and such. Happy flowers, think happy flowers!

Just discovered Amy’s “Finer Things” and thought, “Flowers are pretty doggone fine,” so I’m linking up there!