An excuse to share pictures of my kids

I try to take pictures every year around the start of the homeschool year so I can look back and see how little – or big – the kids look from one year til the next. Since this week’s NOT back-to-school theme is “student photos,” it’s as a good a time as any to share a few photos of my adorable kids. 😉

Homeschool student photos:

On our first day of the homeschool year (last week), we took a few photos that quickly turned into a giggle-filled tickle fest.

silly students

Later in the week, I took a few more photos outside. It cracks me up that I didn’t pose them at all, yet Scout (7) naturally posed all girly and Jem (5) looks like such a little man.

student photos

Kathryn got a new look last Friday — and donated 12″ of hair to Locks of Love. This is the second time she’s done this; the last time she was about 7.


I love it. Except I think she looks older now and that makes this mama heart skip a beat.


She’ll be 14 next month; where does the time go???

Kids grow so fast! Don’t forget to take pictures – and remember to get in a few of them, too!

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