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Life lately: it’s March {2021}

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” Muhammad Ali We did something new as a family: indoor rock climbing! This

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We don’t do “bad” grades

When my youngest girl returned to homeschooling last year, we had to work on a mindset shifts about grades. Specifically, that there are no bad grades in our homeschool. Even

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Life lately: Hello, February {2021}

“Instructions for living a life.Pay attention.Be astonished.Tell about it.” ~Mary Oliver, Sometimes Hey, look! — It’s my third post already this year. Are y’all still reading? I miss the days

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It’s a new year – finally!

The year wasn’t all bad for us, but it certainly had challenges. There’s been so much talk about everyone being excited for a new year, but things don’t feel different

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How is it already November?

I decided a while back that I had shifted to writing here on my personal blog whenever time allows and the urge strikes. Unfortunately, most of the time the two

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