Thankful for the flexibility of Homeschool!

Ask me my favorite thing about homeschooling, and you’ll always hear the same answer: flexibility.

We’re in one of those times of life when flexibility is essential.

Last week I spent nearly all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the hospital and hospice with my dad. Friday afternoon, we moved in two new little people. Lindsey and Kathryn have gotten the basics done even through me being gone, their Grandpa dying, and now having two new and energetic young siblings. Yes, we’re a little behind in a few things, but that’s really just NOT a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It’ll all get done eventually.

In the past few weeks of our homeschool:

(I’m way overdue for an update!)

Lindsey has started into our study of human anatomy. She finds it interesting but isn’t nearly as excited about the anatomy coloring book as she anticipated. When small “helpers” are involved, it’s a bit more challenging.


In our zoology study Swimming Creatures, we’ve studied rays and sharks; mollusks; and crustaceans. Although this isn’t Lindsey’s science, she sometimes listens in. We’ve decided that lampreys and hagfish are quite possibly the grossest creatures ever and we never ever want to meet one in real life!

God’s World News always sparks interesting conversations about current events and sometimes just odd facts. I now know, for instance, that I never want pre-processed coffee. It’s crazily expensive — but it’s also been eaten and “processed” by the elephant’s digestive track in order to make it gentler on the stomach. Eww!

Kathryn performed in a Purim play recently. It was the story of Esther, retold in a play inspired by The Princess Bride — the most frequently-quoted movie in our home. 😉 Kathryn played small parts in several scenes, and we all enjoyed watching.


We have a bit of catching up to with our U.S. History read-alouds, but we are (surprisingly!) not that far behind schedule. Lindsey says she is enjoying history (again, surprising!) and Kathryn does, too. They are using curriculum from the same publisher but different levels: Notgrass’ America the Beautiful (middle school) and Exploring America (high school).

I’m back on that weird ride of having one child in public school, as Scout is in kindergarten. I have peace about her being there, but I do look forward to when we will be allowed to homeschool her as well — mostly because she is clearly exhausted by the time she gets home. Jem is loving his preschool, and three mornings/week feels just right for him at the moment. Still, strange times. {And early; oh, so doggone early.}

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I think it’s the “early” that would do me in. {sigh} I am so not a morning person, so I feel your pain. Hugs and prayers for you all.


Jaime, I would l love to hear your comments, review regarding Notgrass Anerican History…I also have a middle schooler and high schooler (& yes, a Kindergartener) and we’ll be studying American History next year.


Lots to get adjusted to, huh? That early morning business would be hard for me, too — but I find that the early mornings (because my son does sometimes still get up around 6:30 a.m.!) are the sweetest times I have with him. Everything is so quiet — it’s a good time to sit by the fire and read lots of good books. 🙂

Hugs to you – I know last week was a roller coaster of emotions for you.

Jim Peoples

Sorry to hear about your dad, Jaime. God’s peace be with you and your family.
My son and daughter both attend public school. James is studying human anatomy. I think he’s trying to keep every explanation down to as few words as possible. So when I ask him what he’s learning about the human body, he just replies “stuff”. It’s like pulling teeth to get him to expand somehow. I’m surprised, considering he’s a bookworm.

All My Baby Birds

((big hugs)) I spent many long days at hospice 5 years ago with my mom, its hard.


I’m so sorry about your father. I’m glad you got to be with him right up until he walked into Jesus’ arms.

Despite all the upheaval, it sounds like a great, but exhausting week. Congrats on the new kiddos!


What a great way to put that. I was at hospice with my Granny 3 weeks ago and was there as she transitioned peacefully into the arms of Jesus…it was the sweetest and most beautiful thing. My prayers are really with you and your family Jamie because it is a transition for EVERYONE (times like this). You are strong though and can do all things through the One who gives you strength.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us through your blog!!!


We are also incredibly grateful for flexibility in our homeschool. We have to shift and adjust constantly because Ben’s health issues. It makes for some interesting weeks, that’s for sure :).

The play sounds fascinating.


It’s so interesting, the meshing of families, isn’t it?! Praying for you and all of your adjustments.

Giggly Girls

So much transition for you all. I am so sorry to hear about your father but how exciting about your growing family. Praying for you all as you adjust to your new normal.


I looovvee the flexibilty also I must say. I just got through my first trimester with our next little one and there were lots of days that things didn’t go exactly to plan. Oh well, all in all, it gets done! I love reading your updates about your recent adoption. I’m sorry to hear about your dad!