Week-end: links & life {vol. 31}

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


These orange daylilies are a happy birthday gift that keeps on giving. I didn’t get them for my birthday — they are hand-me-downs from a sweet neighbor who, I suspect, is likely tending a lovely garden in heaven — but they bloom on or near my birthday every year.

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This Super-Kid was brave and so well-behaved at the ENT; he had a pesky blood vessel cauterized in his nose and did not shed one tear. The doctor was wonderful and all in all, if you asked Jem I think he’d tell you that visit was pretty fun: hanging out with mom, getting to see all the doctors cool tools (and even try out a couple!), and eating a mango-flavored lollipop on the way home.

Last weekend I gave myself a Starbucks work day and treated myself (and my Volvo) to a car wash while out doing errands. Kathryn and I have been devouring library books, and she’s working on finishing up pre-algebra so we can move on to regular ol’ Algebra next year.

I was introduced to the magic of beignets, thanks to my friend Stephanie. She’s one of my inspiringly fit friends, and we enjoyed good conversation and a delightful fried, sugary little piece of heaven. It’s a good thing that restaurant isn’t convenient to my house because ooooooooh my goodness they were yummy.