The week with a mischievous guest

weekly report

Kathryn finished up the last of her straggling 5th grade math lessons last week, but I really like that we spaced it out so that we don’t have a big gap of time between levels. Her dad’s scheduled vacation changed, so now she’ll be away at the beach with him week after next, rather than a week in October. That changed a bit of what I had planned, but I’ll have her start 6th grade math next week, and then she’ll just have a break before continuing on. Thankfully, I wasn’t planning to start much else til August, so that plan doesn’t really need changing.

Lindsey’s been doing well so far with geometry, thanks to Teaching Textbooks. She is almost done with the first of four CD’s of the program and, as she put it today, “I haven’t died yet.” Meaning, of course, that it hasn’t been as painful as she’d feared. Our goal is for her to complete that by Thanksgiving, and then start Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2. We’ll be throwing a consumer math in the mix as well in order to get all the math credits she needs.

schoolwork July 2012

We’ve been using a Grapevine Bible study on the book of Esther. It’s one of those things I’ve seen other bloggers use, and I’d thought about trying it but just hadn’t until now. We’re liking it so far, and I’ll share a review after we’ve used it a bit longer.

Lindsey got a little ahead of schedule in science this week; she said, “It was really interesting, so I just kept reading.Those words are music to my ears. She and Ken had so much fun with that first balloon experiment that he’s taken over doing all the experiments with her. They both enjoy it, and I love that he’s so involved.

Our new patio furniture has made the back porch so much more inviting. I sneak out there whenever possible, and will do so more often when fall weather arrives! A cup of tea goes well with a devotion or some brainstorming.

on the porch

I’m so thankful for a family willing to humor this dog-loving mama and help me chase and catch a stray dog in the rain. Ken walked the neighborhood Friday evening asking if anyone recognized the dog, and Kathryn made a sign for the front of our neighborhood. He was a big and goofy but oh-so-sweet mutt, and there was already talk of keeping him if we couldn’t find his owner. We did keep him overnight, then took him to our vet the next morning to be scanned for a microchip since he had no tags. Thankfully, he did have a chip, and aptly-named “Mischief” was happily reunited with his owners. I was very glad for his family’s sake, but also because adding a still puppy-ish 86-pound dog to the family was not on my agenda for the week! 😉

Found Dog

Lindsey passed the test for the classroom portion of her required driver’s training. Now she just needs more hours behind the wheel before she can get her license. She’s been working, working, working at her Chick-fil-a job. I’m proud of the changes I’m seeing in her lately. Kathryn seems suddenly taller, and I’m seeing more maturity in her, too. Both of my daughters are becoming wonderful young ladies, and I really enjoy spending time with them.

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Wow — now that’s a big houseguest!

I’m glad to see that everything is going so well… your homeschool always looks so peaceful, Jamie.

Thanks for linking!


“It was really interesting, so I just kept reading.” I love those kind of words, too! They make me so very happy.

Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

How nice that you were able to find the owners of the dog! I’m sure they were thankful to have it returned to them! Mischief is a great name though! LOL

Sounds like the girls are moving right along in their studies. It’s hard working in the summer months I think…well, at least around here.

Enjoy vacation time!

Emmalee Hoggatt @ Hoggatt Homeschool

We had a surprise visitor this week also, however, ours is much smaller! I know I have said this before but I LOVE how beautiful you classroom space is! I’m jealous!!!! Hooray for Lindsey on her way to driving!!! Stopping by form the Hoggatt Homeschool via HSMJ!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word

Sounds like a great week! You’re doing a great job of holding your plans loosely, I think. I know you’re very glad that your mischievous guest didn’t stay longer, though he is a cutie. Would you mind telling me where you got your little tool caddy in the middle of your table? I need something like that for our school room!

(Stopping by from Collage Friday, by the way.)


I love the picture of the two of your girls working across from each other, so precious!


He’s adorable!!! We have rescued here before too and it is nice to get them back with their families. 🙂 Looks like you had a great week!

Giggly Girls

We’ve loved Grapevine studies in the past. Haven’t done Esther though.

Your porch looks wonderfully inviting. We normally do a lot of school out on the patio at this time of year but it’s too hot this year. Oh well, 3 more months I’ll have a new school room in a new house so that will be exciting. lol


So glad to hear that Lindsey is doing so well and it sounds like Kathryn is as well.


Enjoyed reading your post. Love how your daughters enjoy their work and are doing so well with their studies. Great that you found the owners to the dog. Nice that you opened your home and took the time to offer him care. Very inspirational.


he was so cute–but I am glad you found his owners!

Do find Teaching Textbooks adequate for teaching new skills or do you go over new skills with the girls? We tried TT a few years ago and that was my concern…but, my girls fight me so much on math now that I am trying to decide if we should try a different curriculum.

Dawn @ The Momma Knows

So awesome. OK so I’m finally catching up. I guess I should read blogs more often! 🙂 LOVE how your girls are growing up! My boys are doing it to me too… it’s so weird to look almost eye to eye with my 12 (today!!) year old and see his shoulders and know he’s not my baby any more. And what a goofy looking dog! I would have caught him and brought him home too. Good thinking on the microchip!