Week-end: links & life {vol. 12}

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton

We may have a thing for Converse around here. And little black doggie feet with white toes weirdly match our shoes. No, we didn’t plan this; I just snapped a pic as Kathryn and I were about to run out the door and I realized we were all feet buddies.

converse family

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Clockwise from top left in photos below: attempting to teach the dogs they can be in the same room without jumping on each other’s heads; workouts already planned for the next two months (yay, me!); at 42 pounds and approximately a year old, we think Piper is done growing; Kathryn is adorable – and has new teal bands on her braces; a mixed media mini-me; the boy said this hair-do made him look like a dinosaur.

1st week of February

Ken was away at a photography convention earlier this week, then came home and tackled the rather un-fun task of installing new toilets. Good times —  but I do appreciate my handy man! We’re enjoying an afternoon coffee date today to brainstorm how to make progress on big dreams. Life is short, y’all and I’m ready to stop living in fear of [fill in the blank]. After all, isn’t that what almost always stops us from reaching our dreams, or even allowing ourselves to dream in the first place?

I’m almost halfway through my personal fitness trainer course, but my mind is exploding with all the exercise science stuff, and I know I’m going to need to review, review, review. I have until the end of June to take my certification test, but I’m hoping to do it by May.

One reader noticed in my workbox post that I switched back to using “Scout” as the 7-year-old’s blog name. I just never embraced the other names; they felt weird. And did y’all hear Harper Lee is releasing a second book nearly 50 years after publishing To Kill a Mockingbird? Coincidentally, I found out about that the day I decided to switch back to the kids’ first pseudonyms. So we can pretend it’s in honor of that.

Next week I’m sharing a detailed post about PiYo because so many people have asked about it. And I have some really good news to share soon. But not yet. 😉

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