Week-end: links & life {vol. 2}

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” -Stephen R. Covey

lunching with my daughter in law
I had a delightful 2 1/2 hour lunch-talk with my lovely daughter-in-law Diane earlier this week. I really like this girl, and these chats help us stay tuned with what’s happening in each other’s lives far more than can be conveyed in texts or facebook status updates. We don’t do them often, but try for at least every other month or so. And when I realized we’d NEVER selfied together, I told her we had to remedy that this time!

from around the web:


Rather than doing a whole Black Friday deals post, I’m sharing my three favorite homeschool deals here — and I’m posting earlier than usual so you don’t miss the best offers. {Contains affiliate links.}

1- Little Passports
Wonderful for homeschool geography, and with a new Early Explorers edition, now there are options for kids from preschool through middle school. Little Passports’s Black Friday sale is BIG! Today through Sunday (11/30), use code BLACK50 for 50% off a new subscription! If you miss that, jump in on Cyber Monday (valid 12/1 – 12/2): use code BLACK40 for 40% off.

2- KiwiCrate crafts for kids
**Consider suggesting this one to the grandparents as a Christmas gift!**
Through 12/1, KiwiCrate is offering 60% off your first month’s subscription with the code HOLIDAY60. A perfect time to try this craft subscription for kids, with options for every age, from 3 to 16+.

3- Compass Classroom
Kathryn has been using and enjoying WordUp! from Compass Classroom; if you’re considering any of their homeschool products, this is the time to buy. Through 12/1, get 30% off WordUp or Economics for Everybody; 50% off Visual Latin; there are similar offers on other curriculum, too. If you’re trying to decide, check out free sample lessons available for download.


from right here at home

On Wednesday, we put up the Christmas tree, had pancake breakfast for supper (always a hit with the kids), and watched a movie together (a special treat around here). But work schedules + Brandon and Diane’s well-deserved vacation + Kathryn’s holiday time with her dad just didn’t allow any time for us all to get together — even on the “wrong” day — so we really sort of skipped over Thanksgiving. As a blended family, it’s hard to have everyone together on holidays. You’d think after a decade of this I’d have adjusted my expectations accordingly, but I still cling to unrealistic ideals.

decorating the Christmas tree

It’s only been two years since my Granmama passed on Thanksgiving day, and her death ended an era for our extended family. She was the unquestioned matriarch, and even once she stopped hosting holiday festivities, they still seemed to revolve around her. Of course, I’m missing my Dad, too.

As I’ve thought on it this week, I’ve decided we need to establish our own thing, whatever that may be, and begin a new era with new traditions of our own making.

{Perhaps I should declare myself matriarch. How does that even work? Is there a minimum age requirement? Do I need more grey hair for that? Or must I be a grandmother before earning the title? And does declaring one’s own self matriarch automatically negate matriarchdom? Hmm… }

Meanwhile, I’m eagerly awaiting the UPS man to bring my new workout program so I can get started. Ever heard of PiYo? It’s pilates + yoga. Suppose to be great for strengthening, and kind to temperamental backs like mine. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Marsha Gordon

Happy Thanksgiving! Let me know how the exercise routine works! I certainly could stand more exercise. Marsha


Jamie, you are hilarious! I say go for it, declare it and it shall be!