Weekly Report – and Reptile Field Trip!

weekly report

I’ve been rockin’ and rolling with photography sessions this month — three just this week — so it’s cut into my blogging time. But I’m not complaining; I hope to keep building my clientele. Once I get in more of a groove, it shouldn’t cut into my regular schedule as much! Anyway, this weekly report is a bit more brief than usual since I’m squeezing it into a Saturday morning before I jump into photo editing!

This week, we had a field trip! It was another one arranged to be held at our church with our homeschool group, and the speaker came to us — along with an assortment of reptiles. I hate blurry iPhone photos, but this is proof that Kathryn thinks snakes are cool. She touched every critter they had an opportunity to touch, including this big python! She said it felt very soft. It’s not the first time she’s touched a snake, as we’ve caught them in our yard, and we are nice to non-venomous snakes since they often eat the venomous ones!

reptile field trip

Another blurry camera phone photo, this time with Mr. Greg holding a large Australian skink. We also saw a large bearded dragon, a baby alligator, an assortment of snakes in varying sizes, and a tortoise!


Kathryn snapped this photo with my iPhone. This tortoise is about 35 years old, and Mr. Greg’s grandkids are already taking dibs on who will inherit it because it will likely live to at least 100 years old. He says his dogs get along really well with it when he leaves it in the yard on warm days; I don’t know what Lacy would think about that!


Math: I think it’s just about time for me to write a review of Teaching Textbooks, since we are finally far enough into using it. Short version: we like it, and math has ceased to be painful, as it had become before using it. Longer version: coming soon in a blog post near you.

History: In our readings, the Civil War has begun and Abraham Lincoln is now president. I hope to start our Civil War lapbook next week, since our schedule should be less out-of-the-house next week!

Science: A whole lot of bird-watching nature study, plus that reptile show field trip! We may start back up with our Swimming Creatures zoology study again in the next week or two as well.

Social Studies: State geography study of Nebraska, and a new God’s World News magazine (that always brings an enthusiastic “Yes!!!” when Kathryn sees it arrive in the mail).

Enrichment classes: another new type of stitch in knitting class; talk of being a witness for Jesus and of taking care of our bodies; and more cool building and discussion of what helps what makes a structure more stable in LEGO simple machines class.

Other: Kathryn is required to write a paper answering specific questions from a book on Hebrew history in her mitzvah classes; today they’ll be learning more Hebrew letters, which is her favorite part of the classes. On a totally different subject, she had a computer science lesson with Ken when she helped him replace the memory in one of our computers earlier this week.

I’m sure there were other things this week but I’m blanking out, despite jotting down notes throughout the week! I’m linking up again today with Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!