Weekly Report: Art, Aprons, Hebrew, & more!

weekly report
Lamp and Quill devotions are going well. Kathryn likes them, and they get her looking up answers in the Bible on her own, but aren’t so hard that she can’t come up with the answers herself. She’s just finished up section one, which covers Genesis 1 through 5.

writing at desk

Kathryn has started learning Hebrew in her bat mitzvah classes, and she loves it. I think it will be much harder for me to learn than it seems to be for her so far! She’s learning plenty of history in these classes, too. Last week we also attended Rosh HaShannah services at her dad’s Messianic synagogue, and she’ll have several more major celebrations coming up soon.

In art class, she has begun studying Van Gogh, and they are going to do their own piece inspired by his painting, The Sower. She’s excited that they’ll get to use oil pastels this time. She was also excited to bring home the John Constable-inspired watercolor painting they finished this week. (It’s a landscape with stormy skies above.)

watercolor painting

Although we’re not studying artists as much as I’d like, we do enjoy our calendar from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Every now and then one the works of art featured is a little on the odd (or naked) side, so we briefly read about those and then skip to the next one. I really like this stained glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

art calendar

We use Wordly Wise for vocabulary, but I’ve recently modified what I require Kathryn to do. I wasn’t planning on using a vocabulary program with her this year because her vocabulary is so advanced simply from reading good books, but she really enjoys Wordly Wise and begged to do it again this year — except for Exercise E of each lesson; this brings much groaning. So we skip it. Doing the other exercises is enough. I’m the mom/teacher and I said so. 😉 Don’t you love the flexibility of homeschooling?

For geography, we’re still doing a map and notebook page each week (from Homeschool in the Woods) as we work our way through the United States, and Kathryn got plenty of penmanship practice this week by writing the thank-you cards for her birthday gifts.

In another enrichment class, Kathryn finished an adorable handiwork project: making an apron out of a tea towel. Isn’t it adorable!? The cloth flowers they made and added to it would look great on a headband or pinned on a sweater, too!

Kathryn's Apron

We’re doing several readings covering various parts of American history. This week we’ve read about the Monroe Doctrine, more states joining the Union, and the invention of the steam locomotive, among other things. This morning we did a little nature study, looking for fall colors right here in our own yard.

I agree with what I’ve heard Lee (the HomeScholar) say: put the most money towards your weakest or most difficult subject. For us, that’s math, so we’re starting something new [again] next week. I’ll do whatever it takes to get over this math-malevolence! I was relieved to read Jimmie’s review of the Teaching Textbooks curriculum I’d ordered, and eager to get started with it!

A few more highlights of our week:

1-happy surprise from a friend; 2-Dad left the hospital Saturday; 3-Kathryn enjoyed her first Nancy Drew book; 4-spontaneous family “planking”; 5-Lacy loves the fall weather; 6-building with Legos while I read aloud.

I’m linking up today with Dawn’s Camera Phone Friday and Kris’s Weekly Wrap-Up.

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Tricia @ Hodgepodge

Love your week, your art, your apron! And you will love Teaching Textbooks! It was a huge relief for us starting with it last year for our oldest two. Then our rising 4th grader begged for it this year. Smiles – and I’ve even seen my 12yo boy skip after getting a good grade on a lesson! Worth the investment for sure (plus I have a few coming along behind that can use the CDs 🙂 Love the photo of Kathryn at top too!


In case you didnt know. Ruth’s dad is an art history major from UGA. He taught high school art and is a very successful home interior decorator. Currently he is used in large estate auctions and gets to handle Van Gogh’s, Picasso’s, Monet’s etc.. in order to price them appropriately for auction. He is an amazing artist himself with lots of resources. Encourage Kathryn to take advantage of this resource. Popi as he is affectionately known loves his grandchildren.


Looks like a great week!! I, too, appreciate many words of wisdom from Lee Binz and your daughter’s handiwork is lovely.


Glad your dad was able to leave the hospital.

I love the apron! She did a great job!


I second that – I love your week, your art, your photos and the apron, too! Way to go!


I third that – love your week, your art, your photos and the apron, too! Great job! 🙂

Janet W

Great apron! Sounds like you had a full week.



Loved reading about your week! Lots of lovely things accomplished and learned. I also love that your home looks so neat and organized in all your photos. Perhaps that’s why I rarely post photos — I don’t want anyone to see the chaos around here! I’d love to do the camera phone thing, but I have no idea how to do that and it looks scary and complicated and daunting. 🙂 So perhaps not for me!

Cha Cha

Love that apron! Looks like such a fun week.

Cha Cha


Such a sweet post, Jamie, full of moments of God’s goodness! How wonderful that your Dad was able to leave the hospital, and the apron is precious. Our family has been very pleased with TT, too.

Pauline Gault

lol! The planking picture was great and such a beautiful picture of your daughter and her tea towel apron 🙂


Looks like a great week! Teaching Textbooks was a God Send in our house! Hope it works out well for your family.


What a delightful post.

Reading about your week is making me feel very inspired to add back in some of the fun extra stuff that really shouldn’t be extra because it’s as important and meaningful as the basics — nature study, art/artist study, handicrafts. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing a great week.


Wow! LOVE LOVE that tea towel apron! What a great job she did!

My daughter just read her first Nancy Drew too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Glad to have found your blog through WUH:) Love your photos! Your daughter did a fantastic job on her apron! My girls are big fans of the older Nancy Drew books too.


Love that apron! And I’m so jealous of your calendar! 😉


Awww! She is so adorable. And I love her hair…

Christi Gifford

Your photographs are amazing! ROFLOL and I love the family planking. My 17 year old son wants to get the youth group together and plank across the length of our mall.


Excellent post! Two thumbs up for you!


Jamie, I so appreciate these posts. We’ve just started using a more Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling (you, and others, put a bee in my bonnet to check this out!) and it’s really helpful to see “a day in the life” of a more experienced homeschool mom.

Thanks for taking the time to post this!

Traci's Teaching Times

Hi Jamie, it has been a while since I have gotten to blog around. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the apron. I want my DD & I to make aprons too. Hope you have had a great week.


Hi Jaime,
Your really a wonderful girl. Glad that your dad is fine, and love your apron. Looking forward to read from you more.