Weekly Report: Catch-Up Week

weekly report

This was our first-ever “catch-up” week. I’m so glad I built these into our schedule this year. If we’re caught up, these weeks will just be breaks, but when we’re a bit behind, they’ll give us an opportunity to have a more relaxed week yet get back on track on a few things.

Kathryn did her daily Lamp & Quill Bible study, as well as a Teaching Textbooks math lesson most days this week. We read a “goodly amount” (adopting a bit of the language!) of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, which we very much enjoy. While I read, Kathryn worked on making more clothespin dolls for some of her friends.

We watched a DVD of the play Romeo and Juliet, which we’d read last year. We also watched two of The Bible Explorers Series: “Search for The Ark of the Covenant” and “In Search of Noah’s Ark,” which we agreed were fascinating and thought-provoking.

Kathryn has been busily crafting in her enrichment classes. This little spool doll was one of this week’s handicraft projects.

Homemade Spool Doll

We’ve still been doing the character studies in Beautiful Girlhood, following along with the B’Twixt and B’Tween blog. If you have daughters, I’d recommend jumping in with this! We’ve had some good discussions based on these studies.

In her bat mitzvah classes, Kathryn’s favorite part is learning Hebrew. I’m a little intimidated by it, since any words I’ve ever learned in other languages have at least had the same letters as English. I find it hard to wrap my brain around these little things that look nothing like the letters I’ve known. But I do want to try to learn it along with her.

Learning Hebrew

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programing next week, but just for two more weeks, and then we’ll take a week off for Thanksgiving.

I’m linking up with Kris today at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, so come on over!

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I love the idea of a catch up week!


That picture of Kathryn reading Hebrew is pretty amazing at demonstrating just what a different alphabet it is! I’m impressed that she is so enthusiastic about learning it. The idea of a catch-up week is great. I was planning to do something similar next week because the schools in the area have the week off for winter break (funny since it hasn’t snowed yet here!), but decided that since we are going on vacation the following week, I had better do actual homeschooling so that we don’t fall even further behind! If you ever have time, I’d love if you’d… Read more »

Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

Oh, I’ve never thought about scheduling a catch up week! What a GREAT idea! And I love that little doll!


Love the spool doll:) How cute!

I’m impressed with your daughter’s Hebrew reading. It looks daunting to me!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace

Hi there…stopping by from Jennilee’s just because. You have such a lovely blog! Love your header…and I’m with you…love me some hot tea. In fact, I’m not sure what I would do without it. =)

Blessings to you…

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I love the idea of a catch-up week! And, yeah, those Hebrew letters are rather intimidating. How cool, though, to be able to read it…you know, eventually.

Giggly Girls

How awesome that she’s learning Hebrew.

Glad that the catch-up week is working out so well. We do something similar as needed.

Tricia @ Hodgepodge

A catch up week sounds relaxing. Really relaxing. And the clothespin doll is truly darlin’! I simply love watching DVDs for history. We recently watched the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood. Then afterwards we all walked around with our hands on our hips and laughed jolly like – ‘ha, ha, ha!’ 🙂


The spool doll is adorable. And thanks for the links to the Beautiful Girl study!


Are you reading Howard Pyle’s King Arthur? We are, and the girls love it. I read it aloud and put on my best Shakespearean accents for the spoken parts. We’re having great fun with it! Ditto everyone else on the catch-up week idea.

Phyllis at All Things Beautiful

We need catch-up weeks from time to time, too. I love the spool doll!! Adorable. It is so neat that she can read Hebrew.


I love the idea of catch up weeks! We will have to do that next year.