Weekly Report: Week 33

weekly report

This week was busy, but I feel like we got a lot accomplished — and that’s always a good feeling!

Lots of informal nature study this week included more butterfly watching and releasing our butterflies. We’ve also been watching a mama robin sitting on her nest on our back porch. Several fledgling baby birds, including a mockingbird and a brown thrasher, have been in the yard, and the chipmunks have been active — and adorable!

On Tuesday, Kathryn was wonderfully patient as we waited hours to sign her up for a couple of classes next year. We chose three electives: a mixed media art class she’ll do with one of her cousins; a class based on the American Girl Addy books, which will go along with the time period we’ll be studying next year; and a class that’s part Bible study, part homemaking skills. I could do the homemaking skill here — and will — but having other gals near her age to do some of those things with her will be fun, too. I was very impressed that even after all that waiting, when she saw me write the check, Kathryn kissed me and said, “Thank you for letting me do these classes, even though they cost a lot.” (While “a lot” is relative, I am happy that she knows it is a sacrifice we’re making for her benefit.)

That same afternoon, we babysat a friend’s two- and four-year-old. Hello, life skills!

babysitting(Yes, this is a poor quality iPhone photo, but still cute!)

We did Kathryn’s end-of-year standardized testing this week. Jellybeans provided mini-rewards as we went along. We spread out the testing over three days, just because. (We always use the CAT ordered though Seton Testing.) Since Lindsey will be in public school next year (in case you missed that, my explanation is here), I didn’t need to do testing for her.

Lindsey is finishing up her work for the year so that I can finish up her transcript for the year. I’m curious to see what the public high school does with it as far as accepting my credits and such.

This week was the last of our Wednesday night church activities until August. Kathryn and the other GA’s had their end-of-year celebration and received their hard-earned badges for the year.

4th Grade GA's(4th grade “GAs”)

In addition to all of that, we still did our WinterPromise history readings, vocabulary, and copywork, too. We only have a few more weeks of the school year, and this mom is kind of happy for the coming summer break. How ’bout you?

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