Weekly Report: Week 4

weekly report
One month under our belts in this homeschool year! Although it doesn’t seem like we accomplished all that much, this has felt like a busy week. I think partly because the pollen has been trying to kill me, but mostly because it’s been Ken’s week to work late, which always messes with our schedules and causes me to have to run the errands he usually does for me.

Kathryn made a sock doll in one of her enrichment classes, and it has been accompanying her nearly everywhere in the house since then — like when Kathryn was writing a blog post about a little clay cat we made. Both of these projects count as handicrafts, as does the apron she began making in another one of her enrichment classes. Of course, writing blog posts counts for computer skills, typing, and even a bit of narration.

computer time

I picked up a book at the library last week, called How Did We Find Out About the Atmosphere by Isaac Asimov. I confess that I have not yet had a chance to read it, but Kathryn devoured it and told me it was really interesting, and I had to read it. This book was another recommendation from our Exploring His Earth geography book.

We’ve worked a little more on our American Revolution lapbook, and although we’ve fallen behind in our literature reading (King Arthur), we are keeping up with our history readings.

This morning, Kathryn came along as my assistant on a photo session. Besides just “life skills,” she really amazes me at what she has learned as we do sessions. For instance, she asks if I want the light to be cool or warm, so she’ll know which side of the reflector to use. She can get me the right lens out of my camera bag. She knows that shutter speed has to increase if the photo is too bright or too blurry. I think all that is pretty awesome.

And in case you’re wondering, Lacy the homeschooled Wonder Dog spends a lot of her days doing something like this:

Keeping an eye on things

I still haven’t posted about how school is going for Lindsey, but I will. Soon! I hope I’ll have some time this weekend to catch up on some blog-related things. Until then, see what other homeschool families are doing this week in the “Weekly Wrap-Ups” at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!