Weekly Wrap-Up: So Tired!

This week, Lindsey had Color Guard camp: eight hours of flag-and-rifle-twirling fun each and every day! She really did have fun, but after a week of scorching-hot weather, and the majority of their practice time outside, she is one tired girl. Yesterday, they ended with a water-gun fight to cool off.Lindsey in a watergun fight

Kathryn and I had two days of playing at the pool with our cousin-friends, but we didn’t bring a camera either time. (What were we thinking?) Kathryn and her cousin Cullen play marvelously together, though, and most of the time when we go to our neighborhood pool, we are the only people there, so it’s almost like having a private pool.

Wednesday, we were “on call” for a NILMDTS session; the mom’s labor was being induced and they knew their son would not live long, so they wanted us there as soon as possible after he was born. When they called to say he would arrive within the hour, I still had to pick Lindsey up from camp, and Kathryn was with me, but the timing worked out perfectly for Ken to leave work a few minutes early to do the session. When he got to the hospital, Baby A had just been born, so Ken was able to get photos of the baby being weighed, of the older siblings giving him a bath, of the grandparents loving on the baby, and of course with the parents and a few of the whole family together. Baby A was still living when Ken left, but his heart rate was already weakening and wouldn’t be long in this world. I’ve got a bit of editing left to do, and then I hope to get the slideshow made early next week so we can send them the photos and DVD by the end of the week. So, so heartbreaking.

But in other happier events, we had a “family interview” Thursday evening at the homeschool hybrid academy we’re trying to get Lindsey into. Next week, she’ll have testing to determine placement and such, so next week we will find out for sure whether or not she’ll be attending there. I really need to finish our school year planning, but I can’t until I know about Lindsey’s schooling.

What started with moving just one little ol’ desk turned into rearranging furniture in several rooms. That desk would look better over there. But first I need to move that chair. Which means I need to move this other chair. Oh, and wouldn’t the sofa work better over there now? And so on. I had to get Ken to help me finish the rearranging the next day because I’d done a little too much the day before, and my back didn’t like it much. But I’ll be moving the BigMac (iMac) downstairs again so I can have a desk all my own, much closer to the table where we do schoolwork. That way I can do the computer stuff I need to do while the girls are doing school, rather than being in an entirely different room. Next week I need to finish purging/organizing our school books and supplies, and buy any supplies we’re missing, because I plan to start school one way or another the following week.

This morning, Kathryn and I babysat my friend Tina’s little ones. Why do little kids have so much energy so early, and why can’t we bottle it so I can have some, too? 😉 Kathryn has always loved younger kids, but now she has grown into a wonderful babysitting helper! She feels proud that she’s big enough to pick up and carry little Kaley, and Kaley seems to adore Kathryn. Even 3-year-old Braedon was asking his daddy if “Kafrum” was coming with “Ms. Jamie” to babysit today.
Kathryn and Kaley
I miss having little ones, and Kathryn would be a fantastic big sister. {sigh}

This evening was “Family Night” for the Drum Corp (and Color Guard), with a pot-luck dinner and a chance to see the kids perform the show they’d been working on all week. Ken is now volunteered as the official Drum Corp photographer. I got teary-eyed watching Lindsey perform tonight because she looked at us every time she had a chance, and smiled even bigger than she already was; I wondered if she’d ever had that my-parents-are-watching-and-they-are-proud-of-me kind of moment before. I did make a point of telling her how proud I am of her hard work and how well she did. Lindsey in Color Guard

On Sunday, we’ll have a booth at the Bridal Expo for the first time. It will be a long day, but we’re looking forward to it, and we’re hopeful about booking more 2011 weddings!

This week has exhausted me, physically and mentally. In addition to earlier wake-up times, less morning quiet time, and much more activity than usual, I’ve also been a little stressed with preparations for the Bridal Expo, the not-knowing about school and not being able to finish planning yet, among other things. Tomorrow and Sunday will be busy, busy, too. It’d be nice if there was time for a nap in there somewhere!

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I’m glad to hear that Ken was able to get to the hospital and get photos of Baby A with his family before he passed. I can’t imagine how bittersweet that must have been for the family. I’m praying for their peace and comfort.

Sounds like a great week with your girls. I know you’re so proud of both of them.


It takes very special people like you and your husband to allow your hearts to keep breaking over and again for the sakes of these families. I can’t even type this without tears. God has truly blessed you guys with a wonderful mix of strength and tenderness.

My heart goes out to these precious families.


Wow, you did have a super-busy week. I can’t stand the sadness of NILMDTS but so thankful for you guys and what you do for these broken hearted families. You are such wonderful people providing such a wonderful blessing in the midst of heartache.

Thank you for babysitting despite such a busy week. We really appreciate it!!!
Love and hugs


Some parts of your week sound really difficult. I’m so glad Lindsay in enjoying Color Guard so much – I had never heard of it before reading your blog.