Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where I’m the Host!

While Kris is away, I’m playing hostess for the Weekly Wrap-Up. So this is where you link up to your post about what you did this week in your homeschool — while Kris and all those other bloggy gals party the days away at the Relevant Conference! My regular self is hosting today, but my Flat Jamie self is at Relevant with Kris!😉

weekly wrap upSo, on with real life in our homeschool… I’ve been reminded lately that I am blessed to have options with my children’s schooling. Some families, like my newly single friend, do not have options. It’s something I am trying not to take for granted. That’s easier said than done, but being mindful of it is a start.

I feel as though we have been “running ’round like a chicken with its head cut off” lately but this week actually hasn’t been as busy as usual. Kathryn had chess class on Tuesday; Lindsey had Color Guard practice Tuesday and Thursday, plus drivers ed on Tuesday; and both girls had church activities on Wednesday night. Those are our usual “extras” each week.

In the midst of all this, Lacy the Wonderdog simply wanted her belly rubbed.
Rub My Belly

Kathryn has been doing oodles of long division, and a good deal of review in math. She says certain types of problems come around again as soon as she’s forgotten how to do them — which is why I like the way Horizons does things.

For science this week, Kathryn started a unit on insects in Christian Kids Explore Biology, and we went on a little nature walk this week to look for fall leaves. I hope to do a little art project with those leaves today or tomorrow.

Writing thank you cards for her birthday gifts provided a good opportunity for Kathryn to do handwriting practice, in addition to one page in her Italics D workbook each day. She seems to enjoy the vocabulary lessons in Wordly Wise, but she’s a word-loving girl like me. We still didn’t accomplish any composer study this week, but there’s always next week. I’m trying not to beat myself up if we don’t get something done. This week (see Monday’s gratitude post) has me really rethinking what is — and isn’t — important. And in the eternal scheme of things, grammar and composer study and lapbooks just aren’t all that important. If we get to them without causing stress, then we’ll get to them.

In history, we’re continuing to study Colonial America. So Kathryn is reading Calico Captive and Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison. She made a little colonial cookbook, with the original version of some recipes, and then a modernized version we could actually theoretically make. The state she studied in geography this week is Pennsylvania — which is funny since I just realized that’s where all the Relevant blog gals are right now!

Kathryn made a page for her Bible notebook about Joshua conquering all those cities when the Israelites moved into the promised land. At risk of sounding irreverant, I was very happy when we made it through Leviticus and Deuteronomy and moved into Joshua for our daily readings. Her Biblical character study this week was on “excellence.”

Lindsey is required to read To Kill a Mockingbird for her literature class, so I’m reading it, too. It’s been 20+ years, and I didn’t remember much of it. I was amused to find that Atticus Finch and was homeschooled. 😉

We’ve known for quite some time that Lacy the Homeschooled WonderDog has an uncommonly great intellect; unfortunately she cannot talk or write, so her brilliance has been difficult to substantiate. This week, Ken tried to teach her to write. Alas, holding a pencil proved to be too difficult a task when one does not have opposable thumbs…
Lacy Learns to Write

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Looks like you had a great week!!! Happy Hosting 🙂


Your puppy is so cute!!


I think Lacy the WonderDog ROCKS! Give her time. She just has a little LD with the lack of opposable thumbs. She’ll get there! 🙂


HI! I’m new to your blog, here from the Weekly Wrap Up. 🙂 I think it’s funny that our kids are learning the same things – old testatment (although we’re just reaching the dreaded israelites in slavery while you’re exiting that time in the OT in your lessons. we use Classical Academic Press’ “God’s Great Covenant”) and we are also learning about colonial america (we use Beautiful Feet Books). do you have a blog post detailing your curriculum or do you create your own? 🙂
lovely pictures…love that dog! 🙂


Hi Jamie!!! *waves*

I don’t see you enough on blog carnivals, facebook and in my email subscription. So I just had to come here and link up LOL

The Holistic Homeschooler

Janet w

I’m so glad that you could take over the Weekly Wrap-Up links this week. Checking out all the Wrap-Ups has become a regular part of my weekend.
Janet W


It’s always great to see your week in review. I was going to ask if it ever gets overwhelming but your line “running ’round like a chicken with its head cut off” explained it already 🙂 But it is life, eh? And who really wants it any different? 🙂
Your wonderdog is so cute! Look at her intense concentration when trying to write!!


Thanks for hosting this week. It is a lot of fun to check out the variety in each family’s homeschooling week. And, it is nice to find some similarities too!

Your dog is so adorable!

Tricia @Hodgepodge

You are so right that in the eternal scheme of things that the extras like lapbooks are extras – and not to stress if we don’t get to or finish them. A nice week! Thanks for being our hostess 🙂


I need to be reminded about the the importance of things in the eternal scheme! Sometimes I just get so caught up in that curriculum stuff that I can’t see past it. Feeling guilty because I didn’t get everything done in one day! What a great reminder! Thanks!


Hi Jamie! So glad you’re hosting this week and I’m actually not so late on getting mine on here. Happy Hosting 🙂


Yay for long division! Looks like a great week. Thanks for hosting the wrap-up. 🙂


We are new to Weekly Wrap Up. Thanks for hosting!! It’s fun reading what other homeschoolers up to!


Looks like a wonderful week to me! I’ve read Calico Captive and plan to have Miss Priss read it this fall as well. Another good book in that genre is The Ranson of Mercy Carter, which is based on a true story. But it may be too “old” yet for Kathryn. You might want to skim (or read it — I have!) through yourself first. And I LOVE To Kill a Mockingbird; my folks and I were just discussing it yesterday at lunch.

Sherri Ward

I enjoyed your adoption story. God continues to place this in my heart and I keep asking him to show me when and who and to make it obvious. Thanks for being obedient to the call of adoption so that those who follow can be encouraged. I enjoyed browsing around your blog – especially since our kids our “roughly” the same age.


I also have to regularly remind myself what’s important in the long run.
Thanks for hosting!

Tracey Monroe

Thanks for hosting this past week’s weekly wrap up. I thought sure I left a comment but must have imagined it! I was able to spend some time on your blog and you are doing some really neat things (like your practicing gratitude list) and on your nature walks capturing such beautiful pictures. Oh and I can’t forget to mention how cute your wonder dog is!! Thanks for visiting my blog too.

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