Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 13

weekly wrap upYesterday, while Kathryn and I were sitting on the sofa doing a little math, I noticed what I thought to be a leaf or something tracked in from outside — until it moved! It was a very small blue-tailed skink, which we managed to catch and release. Specifically, Kathryn managed to trap and release. Can I count this as nature study? (Because we didn’t get any other nature study done.)

And speaking of math, we have finally moved into something other than long division. So Kathryn did not, after all, turn into a long division problem. 😉

History studies are continuing on with our colonial America studies. This week, Kathryn finished reading Calico Captive. She also has readings each week from Homeschool in the Woods’ “Time Travelers” studies, which is part of our Winter Promise curriculum. This week’s focus was slavery in the colonies.

All week long, Kathryn diligently worked on trying to finish up a handiwork project she’d been working on for my mom’s birthday. She’d done a little cross-stitching before, but this one also had some fancier stitches, like lazy-daisies and french knots.
Cross-stitch Project

Finally, she finished! (And since she gave it to Mom earlier today, I can share this photo!)

In our daily Bible readings, we’ve been hopping around in several books, since we are reading a chronological Bible. So this week, we’ve been in Judges, Ruth, 1 Chronicles, and 1 Samuel. Kathryn chose to do this week’s Bible notebook page on Ruth. The character trait she studied this week was sincerity.

Kathryn is almost done with her Italics D handwriting book, and then we’ll just do daily copywork for the remainder of the school year. The does a few lessons each week from her Wordly Wise book for vocabulary, and we try to do one or two lessons from Simply Grammar each week as well.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Hope you enjoy yours!