Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 6

weekly wrap upThe weather here is still 90+ degrees, which is what I’m using as my excuse (however lame) as to why we haven’t been doing nature studies. So this week, we had our very last trip to the pool for this year, to celebrate Kathryn’s friend Abby’s birthday. Next week is supposed to be at least ten degrees cooler, so if we haven’t done a nature study by the end of next week, I’ll have no excuse.
pool party

Thankfully, Lindsey’s driver’s ed course is about halfway over; that will mean one less class to fit into our schedule, which will make me a happy girl. She has joined Yearbook Club at her school, and she’s happy to be one of the photographers. I’m happy that they meet only two times each month.

In other extra-curricular activities, Lindsey’s ColorGuard season is still going for about two more months. Kathryn is enjoying Chess Club; her homework has been to play against herself and write down all of her moves, and she’s been playing against the computer in iChess sometimes, too.

We’re just continuing what we’ve been doing in Math, Science, and Geography.

In our History studies, we made doubloons and pieces of eight to go along with our explorer studies. The short version of how we made them: cut out cardboard circles, use white liquid glue to draw designs, let dry, snip some into smaller pieces, then spray paint…
doubloon project
Kathryn also visited a website about pirates, including Blackbeard. She finished reading The Captive Princess, and is still reading Blood on the River. She likes that these are both accounts of the same basic story, but from different points of view; one from Pocahontas, and one from John Smith’s servant. I thought it was wonderful that she noticed this and pointed it out to me.

Lindsey managed to make up all her work from when she was sick last week, which was a very big accomplishment. Her attitude has continued to be good in regards to her schoolwork, even in the subjects she likes least. Kathryn helped her with one particular worksheet that was super-hard to read because how it was printed, and of course I took the opportunity for a cute picture. 😉
working together

And today Kathryn lost her 10th tooth, just a few days before her 10th birthday!

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Cool project – making your own doubloons and pieces of eight!!!
I’ve been fascinated by the story of Pocahontas lately, especially since reading on a current-day Powhatan tribe site exactly what their version of the truth is Eye-opening.
That is a really cute picture!


Super week! Congrats to Lindsey for catching up — that is a LOT of work. Your post made me think that I should write more about our extracurricular stuff, which I rarely do in our wrap-ups. Your girls are doing some neat things. I love the photo of the two of them together.


This looks like a great week! You’ve made me curious: I’m going to have to go learn a little about doubloons & pieces of eight. That looks really interesting.


I’m so grateful for the impending cool weather that I actually feel a bit tearful! I can’t wait! ~K


It’s still very hot where we are as well!

Thanks for visiting my blog today; I’m glad to find yours! I always enjoy seeing what others study in their homeschooling. Your family is precious!!

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Love the doubloons! They turned out great! Megan lost another tooth this week, too. I have no idea how many that makes for her, though; I’ve totally lost count.


We must live in the same neck of the woods because we’re supposed to drop from mid-90s this week to mid-80s next. And that is when I am hoping to start some sort of nature study. For real this time. No really. We’ll see. It’s one of those things I’ve always *wanted* to do and haven’t been able to make work yet. Good luck! 🙂


Very sweet to see your dc working together. It’s been in the 90’s here as well, but the Lord be praised tomorrow it’s suppose to be 73, a whole 20 degrees lower than today.

Giggly Girls

Love the doubloons! They came out awesome.

We lost a tooth here this week too. And you’ve described our weather perfectly. Maybe we’re neighbors…lol


i have no idea how many teeth my boys have lost! you’re the first person i’ve ever known to have counted. too cute!

those doubloons look great. we just started the explorer studies too. so far so good, although we are skipping a few of the map activities. since my boys hate to color and draw, i am easing them into the work lest there be a mutiny.