Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 7

weekly wrap upThis week, Kathryn turned 10 and got her ears pierced, Lindsey and I spoke about older-child adoption at a foster parent training class on Saturday (I told her I could count that as public speaking and community service), and Ken returned from last week’s mission trip to Mexico. We were busy! (See this week’s previous posts for more details!)

This was also the week with the weird eye problem.WeirdEye Yes, I took a photo. It actually doesn’t look as bad or huge as it feels. Turns out, it’s just a stye, but one that’s in the eyelid rather than just at the base of an eyelash like “normal” styes. Anyway, now I have some antibiotic goo to put in my eye, and I’m doing hot compresses, so it’s not quite as painful anymore, and is starting to look a bit better. And even with my weird eye, I’m still planning on meeting some bloggers tomorrow! (Join us if you’re in the area!)

One of the most entertaining parts of our week was when we all tried to teach Ken a little Spanish using an elementary Spanish workbook. His Southern accent just does not work well with the Spanish language. 😉 Lindsey and Kathryn and I were all crying with laughter. Thankfully, Ken is a very good sport.

In history, Kathryn is finishing up our study of the early explorers and we are moving on to studying colonial America. We have a few projects to finish up next week because we just didn’t have enough time this week. Ken helped her figure out how to make the cover of our Explorer lapbook, which includes rigging on a sailboat. (Photos next week, I promise!)

We did manage to do a little hymn study this week, but I think hymn study is going to have to go to the not-right-now subjects. There are other things I want to focus on, and I know I want to continue with our composer studies. Unfortunately, we just can’t do it all — or at least not do it all and keep school enjoyable.

In science, Kathryn started a unit on reptiles. We were pretty fascinated by the beaded lizard; we don’t have any around here but we found some great info and photos online. But that’s as far as we got on nature study this week. I had plans to do a study on the signs of autumn (since I’m so delighted it finally feels like fall!), but my weird eye, our weird schedule, and an unexpected rainy day thwarted my plans. {sigh}

Want to hear about the great things I want to do that we have NOT been doing yet?
The biggest ones are:
— weekly outdoor nature studies
— Polished Cornerstones projects
— sewing/homemaking projects and skills
— Shakespeare and/or other read-alouds

I guess with my weird eye photo and my list of non-accomplishments, this is the week of full disclosure!