Our Wonder Dog!

Five years ago today, we welcomed a new member into our family…

Lacy’s 1st day home: still one of my favorite photos of her.

Lacy's 1st day

After our sweet dog Ellie died at the age of 13, we all felt a big empty spot in our hearts and our home. It was especially hard on Kathryn, who had grown up with Ellie. We all thought we’d want to wait a long time before getting another dog, but that empty place had me searching for another dog within weeks. We knew we’d never replace Ellie, but we all felt that adopting another dog would honor Ellie’s memory. I found a litter of 6-month-old greyhound mix puppies on PetFinder that I wanted to meet. They were with a rescue group and were going to be at an adoption site one Saturday. My mom went with me to meet them. I’d sent in an application that week just in case, and after observing and interacting with the puppies, Mom and I both agreed that Lacy had the best personality to fit our family. I brought her home that very day.

It may sound silly that I prayed for guidance in choosing our dog, but I believe God cares about every detail of our lives. Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment (13+ years in my experience) that affects our daily lives, so why wouldn’t we pray for guidance in something like that?

We loved Lacy immediately {who wouldn’t love that face!?} but getting used to life with a puppy instead of a very mellow 13-year-old dog was a change for us all. And perhaps getting her two days before we started our school year wasn’t the best timing…

“So, for our math today — NO, Lacy — as I was saying — leave it! — what this math page is about is — don’t eat the electrical cord!…”

But Lacy’s goofy and sweet personality worked it’s way deep into our hearts. She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever known, and learns quickly; she has learned some pretty crazy tricks I never would have even thought to teach another dog! My biggest challenge was teaching her which things were NOT okay to chew on: furniture, the Dyson vacuum cord, the curtains, a couch pillow, and a couple of Kathryn’s toys all fell victim in the first months of Lacy’s life with us. We invested in some rawhides and a giant nylabone, and now she chews to her heart’s content and leaves the rest alone.

Our dog participates in nature studies whenever she can, and we’re convinced she can read. I know for a fact that she can spell, and I think she understands basic math. It’s really quite comical how deeply she pays attention to things. Several friends have even commented on Lacy’s intensity in listening to our conversations! She seldom barks — except at the UPS man; she thinks that man in brown is out to get us.

Before Lacy, I’ve never seen “jumping for joy” literally, but she leaps like an overgrown bunny whenever she’s happy. She can jump straight up in the air with all four feet from a standing-still position high enough to look me straight in the eye. Sometimes she runs and spins simultaneously; I don’t know how to explain it except for saying she spins like a top! And watching her run is amazing! I have never seen a dog run so fast and look like she is enjoying it so much! Everyone who sees her run just stands with their mouth hanging open a little in awe at her speed, agility, and joy! 


We love Lacy!