Homeschool Field Trip: Apple Orchard

We’ve completed week two of our new homeschool year!

Things were business as usual for most of the week — but on Thursday we had our first field trip of the homeschool year, and the very first with our two newest students in tow! I thought I might be getting myself in over my head with this adventure, but it went well and we had a great time. We tagged along with a new homeschool group in the area. It was a budget-friendly trip, too, because going with a group allowed us the “field trip rate” of $5 per person. I found it amusing that we were hanging out with a crew of other homeschool kids and parents on the day I posted about socialization!

Pig Racing!

The kids had an assortment of “firsts” on this trip, but I’d experienced most of these things before. However, one experience in particular was new to me: pig racing! {Because this is Georgia, y’all!}

click to watch pig racing clipClick photo to watch the video clip!

It was hilarious. The pigs race for Oreo cookies. I think the kids’ loved it because they got to yell “suey” as loud as possible the whole race!

What are eggs made of?

We’ve had a lot of discussion around here that led me to realize these kids needed to get to a farm! Questions along the lines of, “Mama, are eggs made of wheat?”

On this field trip to an apple orchard, we learned surprisingly little about apples, but we did get meet (and milk!) Buttercup the cow. The kids practiced first on a fake cow. (No photos of actual cow milking because I was busy helping herd kids so everyone got a turn.)


We listened to an animated bull head tell us about milk production, went on a wagon ride, shelled corn to feed the animals, toured a [creepy] farmhouse museum, tasted apple cider, and visited a petting zoo area where the kids got to feed goats, pet a 12-day-old calf, and hold a baby chick. Though I’d say the trip was geared for elementary ages, Kathryn and I enjoyed the day, too. Any day I get to play with goats is a fun day for me!

apple orchard field trip

After all that fun, we ate a picnic lunch and the kids played on slides and a little zip-line before heading home.

Next time we do an apple orchard field trip, I’ll try a different one, but we did have a great time, and the cider slushie and fried apple pies I bought were delicious!

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