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Old T-Shirt = Wall Art!

Perfect teen room art:

In our recent closet clean-out, Kathryn had an old t-shirt she was sad to outgrow – so we stretched it on a spare canvas and now it’s fun (and frugal) wall art in her room!

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That is adorable! that is just the kind of art I want to do in our daughters’ room when we build our house in the spring. Where did she get the t-shirt?


Ooh! Many cool points to you. This is brilliant. My daughter has a shirt she had been trying to milk for another few months. This may work when we can’t make it long enough.


What a great idea! Dd had that same shirt, but we already goodwilled it. But I know some other ones that she’d be thrilled to hang onto!


Wow – my daughter will love this idea!
Thank you!

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haha, I agree you. Old T-Shirt = Wall Art! it’s also my big interest to diy tshirts.