Blog Pals, Peru, and back to Homeschool!

The Titus 2:1 Conference:

I was at the conference as event photographer, so of course I toted around a big camera all weekend, but these iPhone pics of me with blogland pals are super fun!

L-R: Rebecca, Sarah, Tabitha, Jimmie.
2to1 Conference gals

Rebecca (of Mom’s Mustard Seeds) lives only an hour or so away from me. Sarah (with Samaritan’s Purse) and I ended up sitting together at nearly every meal. Tabitha (from Meet Penny) was the roomie I stayed up too late talking to Saturday night. And I was delighted to FINALLY, after at least six years of online friendship, meet Jimmie! I met so many other wonderful ladies at the conference, and there were so many others I wish I’d had a chance to talk to!

Meanwhile, in Peru…

During spring break week, Ken and Lindsey were in Peru on a mission trip for high school seniors from our church. Ken went as the trip photographer. The group ministered in the villages, and hosted VBS for kids in the area.


Lindsey is now considering applying for an internship next summer that would have her working in a ministry in different areas of Peru for eight weeks. What an exciting possibility! If anything like that existed when I was her age, I sure didn’t know about it!

In our homeschool:

This week, we’re back to schoolwork and enrichment classes. Plus, Lindsey has started a discipleship group for high school seniors, led by our senior pastor. It’s in-depth teaching about studying the Bible, defending the faith, facing temptations, and so on. After her first meeting, we had a good conversation about it, and I’m happy to see how excited she is. I told her my big prayer during her mission trip last week was that she would finally take ownership of her faith — and this seems like a good step in that direction.


Between basic schoolwork, we leave time for interest-led learning. Kathryn chose composing a letter to the President as her writing assignment for the week, and spent some time perusing a few interesting books around I try to scatter about. And as always, we’re reading; it’s about time for me to share another list of recent recommended free reading, so look for that soon.

Springtime is giving us nature study we can’t help but notice, including fruit trees blooming, irises unfurling, blueberry bushes blossoming, and a robin’s nest on the back porch — with four little blue eggs!


Good news on the adoption front!

New developments this week mean things are far more certain in regards to adoption, and we will be able to homeschool the littles next year! Until then, we’re reading, playing, even doing a bit of nature study on the way to the school bus stop.


It’s strange, this stage of life: planning what I’ll do for the littles’ homeschool next year, all while planning Lindsey’s graduation! But it’s all good, and I’m looking forward to both.

Proud [step]mom alert!

I have to brag on Brandon for a minute! He had his first “real” job interview last week! Even if he doesn’t get this position, it’s great experience and we are very proud of him. I know he will be a wonderful band instructor — not only because he is talented, but because he is as passionate about the kids he works with as he is about his music.

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