Our {relaxed} homeschool plans for 2017

My venture into blogging began the same year I started homeschooling, and every year I’ve posted about our plans for the school year. Some years we’ve stuck to the plan pretty closely. Other years, we’ve veered off as things change during the course of the year. I’ve learned either way is okay, as long as we do begin with a plan in place, and as long as veering off course comes about due to valid reasons.

So here we are, preparing to begin our 12th year of homeschooling. (Twelve! Years!)

2017 homeschool plans

As the years go by, we’ve become more unschoolish in our eclectic approach to homeschool. We’re not radical homeschoolers and probably never will be, but we’ve set aside more and more of the traditional approaches to education.

My biggest change this year is in scheduling. This is something we’ve played around with over the years; a strict schedule does NOT work for us, but we do need a bit of a routine, more so this year as my personal schedule has gotten busier with working part-time outside the home.

Kathryn: age (almost) 17

At this age, and after this many years of homeschooling, Kathryn has a big say in what she studies. In January, we’ll revisit how it’s all going and whether we want to add in anything else.

Community Service: our local sea turtle conservation program.

In addition, she’ll add in electives that interest her, including but not limited to art/creative projects, sign language, and ukulele.

Our weekly(ish) library days are a treat for us all, so we’ll definitely continue those.

Jem: age 8

I’ll assign each of the weekly activities below to a particular day of the week (yet to be determined) so they don’t fall by the wayside, but we’ll do read-alouds and math daily. His schedule will leave a whole lot of free time for play.

Scout (4th grade) will continue at the private school she attended last year. She enjoyed it, and it worked well for us all. I adored her 3rd grade teachers and I’m hoping this year’s teachers will be just as wonderful.

That’s our plan, friends! Follow along as I update throughout the year.