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Better than a Tupperware party

Right now, I’m enjoying a simple summer. No big plans, just working on enjoying life as it comes.

summertime collage

One of the highlights has been a little party I hosted for my own birthday. It was kind of like a good ol’ fashioned Tupperware party but better because it benefits Mercy House Kenya. I kept the food simple and the guest list short (because I hate big parties), and enjoyed my friends. While here, they went shopping at the dining room table!

Mercy House party

*Please notice I totally forgot to take a photo of actual people. Typical me. 

The short version of how to host a Mercy House party: sign up, they send you a big ol’ box of goodies the week before your party, and you sell as many items as you can. Then you send back the money you collected and whatever merchandise is left over.

And for a complete change of topic, because life is random…

Ten things I’ve learned lately:

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” ~ Henry Ford

1- Hopping on a bicycle will remind you in a hurry how VERY hilly a neighborhood is. It’s totally kicking my butt, but I’m trying to ride a few days a week. One day I will be cute while riding my cute bicycle, rather than panting like a worn out dog.

2- Pound cake is always awesome. The end.

3- Friends tend to ignore you when you tell them not to bring gifts to a birthday party. But the ones who rebelled gave me plants and tea-related gifts, so I couldn’t stay mad. 😉

4- It’s neat to have old friends. My mom and I recently attended a bridal shower for a gal whose family has been friends with my family since before either of us were born. That’s something special.

5- Father’s Day is complicated for a lot of people, not just those like me who’ve lost their dads.

6- Planking is hard. {Tried it for the first time last week!}
I don’t have a set work out routine, because KIDS. To be fair, it’s also because exercise bores me. What’s working for me right now is doing sit-ups, squats, planking, etc. throughout the day — and especially in the morning to get my blood flowing because it helps me wake up.

7- How a hummingbird’s tongue works!

8- Kids who are fearless in the water are more scary/dangerous than those who are timid in water. So we’re doing swimming lessons for the little ones.

9- Libraries are awesome. Of course I knew that already, but I’m remembering it anew as I check out piles and piles of books for myself and the kids.

10- Being offline more means it’s harder to stay caught up on online classes. I’m ridiculously behind in my Cherokee classes, but thankfully they archive the lessons so I can watch as I have time.

Tell me: what have YOU learned lately?


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Looking forward to getting my goodies in the mail! Thanks, Jamie!

I agree with #4. We’ve got a few families we’ll be able to do that with someday…and someday probably isn’t too far off.