Week-end: links & life {vol. 20}

“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” – Samuel Butler

puppy kisses

Just one more week of doggie obedience class; next week Piper graduates! It’s funny to think she’s one of the best behaved dogs in class. She has come a long way; I’m glad I stuck with her those first few weeks when she was just awful!

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{crochet mermaids by Kathryn; tea, books, & flip-flop weather; thrifty clothing finds}

This has been the week with all the teeth appointments. The youngest two had regular cleanings and I pondered whether or not the masses would mob me if I asked to turn off the TV blaring in every nook and cranny of the office. I find it sad most adults find it impossible to imagine children do not need to be electronically entertained every waking moment of the day. {On a happy note: no cavities!}  Anyway, Kathryn had a bigger braces adjustment than usual and has suffered for it, but the orthodontist says things are moving well, so that’s good news.

Kathryn finished one of her commissioned etsy orders: a crochet “sister” mermaid for another previously made. We’ve slowed a bit on basic homeschool subjects, which always seems to happen this time of year. It’s not a problem, though: the weather is beautiful, we’ve all had spring fever, and homeschooling is flexible so we’re not “behind schedule”; we’ll just modify our original schedule.

One more thing: have you tried thredUP? It’s basically a high-end online thrift store, and it’s fun! I ordered a few things and was very pleased. If you want to give it a try, use this link for a $10 credit. {Disclaimer: I’ll get a $10 credit, too, if you place an order.}

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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You reminded me it’s time for our summer dentist and physical appointments. It seems like we are still on our traditional school schedule with that activity. My kids get their devices locked up daily and when they are finished their sports, and school work, then I give it to them. They are avid gamers that complain about this, but I find they stay more active without their devices. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap UP.

Kelly Expedition Homeschool

Hi popping over from the Weekly Wrap up 🙂 Wanted to post congrats in advance for Piper’s graduation from Puppy Class. We love our furry additions to our family here 😉


Sweet puppy kisses and congrats to graduating soon! 🙂 She’s a cutie! Hope you have a great week and the mermaids are adorable!

Piper is such a cutie. It’s funny that she’s the best behaved dog in the class when, at first, I was envisioning Pinkerton (which may not be funny to you – Megan and I love the Pinkerton books). I’m glad she’s done well.