Life lately: hello, Spring!

tree on a tree

Some see a big ol’ tree stump; we saw an invitation to do side by side tree pose!


Now that the weather has warmed up, we’ve been trying to get in at least one park day each week to enjoy the beautiful weather. My favorite park has a great playground and is right by the water, but I’m sad they took down the bench swing I sat in last year to read. The frame is still there so I’m hopeful it will reappear. Until then, I usually park so that my car faces the playground, then roll all the windows down so I can have a comfy place to read while keeping an eye on the kids as they play. I’ll bring a giant insulated mug of tea (this one) and we’re all happy. On days like that, I feel like I’m totally rocking mom-life.

I’ve been running more lately, too. I’m training for a 6-mile trail run at the end of May, and I need to take my running frequency and distance back up from the occasional 4-mile runs I’ve been doing the past few months. (Because winter and I don’t get along.) I don’t even care that the pollen has been attacking me because it’s been so gorgeous out!

When I first saw our home online, before we’d bought it, I fell in love with the front porch. It’s huge and fabulous. We even had Lindsey’s wedding reception on the porch. But the screened windows allowed so much moisture in — not from directly raining in but from the mist that moves through sometimes — and the tile floor would get slick as ice. All that dampness limited what I could put out here in regards to furniture. So we decided to have windows installed and I’m DELIGHTED. I bought a new little patio furniture set and I’m going to live right here on the porch at least until winter. That’s where I’m sitting right now! {Photos coming soon!}

homeschool highlights

Now that I’ve modified my schedule again, I’ll be doing more of these monthly wrap-ups again. They’re a fun way for me to look back and see what we’ve done.

Kathryn joined in a month-long cloud observation challenge where NASA and the GLOBE program asked people to help in a study. They needed observations by citizen scientists to validate data satellite data. She’s also been using the telescope more often, and even took some really cool photos of the blue moon through it one night.

moon photo by Kathryn

Our little town puts on all sorts of events, like the annual Earth Day Festival. We ran into friends, saw ponies and puppies, and learned from knowledgeable folks about birds and bird rescue, sea turtles, and sea animals. We’ve studied sea critters in our homeschool, and worked with sea turtle rescue for two years now, so I have to admit I was surprised to learn new things! Jem’s favorite part was getting to make his own little terrarium.

For geography, we’ve been re-watching How the States Got Their Shapes. We watched years ago when Kathryn was much younger and it’s an entertaining and memorable way to learn U.S. history and geography. I’m sure we’ll re-watch yet again with the kids later on, too.

what we’ve been reading: our faves

My recent faves:

It’s a fun coincidence when your lunch matches your current read!

lunch and book

Kathryn’s faves (age 17):

Jem’s faves (age 9):

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