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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 801 – 825

More gifts to count! Woohoo!

801) Snow ice cream!
802) We can take a “snow day” in our homeschool anytime we want.
803) A steady supply of hot tea for my sore/scratchy throat.
804) Watching Kathryn perform in “Little Women”
805) Succeeding in fixing Kathryn’s hair to her satisfaction for the play.
806) Kathryn’s honorary aunt Tina attending, too.
807) My cute little hair thingie (in photo above)
808) Getting safely around in what’s left of the ice.
809) Friends willing to share their wisdom.
810) Discernment.
811) Beginning our “new and improved” homeschooling plan.
812) Knowing God is always up to something bigger than I can imagine.
813) A bride describing our photography as “classic and fun, but not stuffy.” 🙂
814) Coffee date with my husband.
815) Waking up to realize the headache I had ALL of the day before is finally gone.
816) Improvements in mother-daughter communication. (Baby steps!)
817) Interesting info coming in from my reader survey.
—> (Want to help me out by taking it, too? Click here!)
818) Accountability (from several sources!)
819) Watching our daughters grow in their faith.
820) Trader Joe’s cranberry scones — after a snow-impaired week without them!
821) My cute, tongue-sticking-out doggie (“Pbbbbth! I’m on the couch!”)
Pbbbbth, I'm on the couch.
822) Some much-appreciated time alone.
823) More homeschool planning done.
824) A whole week of comfy pants and no make-up. (Thanks to snow and ice!)
825) First time in my memory of an entire WEEK with snow on the ground!

Feel free to join in counting your “one-thousand” gifts!

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Hi Jamie,

Will you reveal the details of your “new and improved” homeschool plan on your blog? I sure hope so! I’m a big fan of revamping and of borrowing ideas.



I like them all, but number 812 is my favorite 🙂


Beautiful blog you have here and pictures too. Thanks for your BIG welcome to me on my new homeschooling journey.


Thanks for sharing these blessings. What a great idea to teach the kids.